An illegal, criminal – and FAILED attack


Original title: Et ulovlig, kriminelt – og mislykket angrep 

By Pål Steigan 2018, April 

US, France and Britain’s rocket attack on Syria was executed without coverage in the UN Security Council and without Syria had attacked them first. Syria is a full member of the UN and should enjoy protection of the UN Treaty. This is why the attack is a war crime and a crime against humanity.

As we have pointed out earlier, the attack was meaningless militarily and US top generals had succeeded in reducing it to the absolute minimum that “had to” to save Donald Trump’s face.

In summary, it even appears that the attack was unsuccessful. More than 100 missiles were launched on Syria. Sources state 103 Tomahawk missiles and 8 British Scalp EG missiles. The Russians and Syrians claim that 71 of these missiles were shot down by the Syrian Air Force. It consists of Soviet weapon systems of the type Buk, S-200 etc., ie at least thirty years old weapons. The much more advanced Russian weapon systems such as the S-400 were not used.   United States denies this, but even the SOHR, strongly against the Syrian government, claims that they were able to register rockets that was downed, and it was more than 65.

With statistics showing a 60-70% hit rate for an air defense against missile attacks, a very big success rate.

The Pentagon claims that they bombed the Barzeh plant where the alleged production of chemical weapons takes place. This is either a gross lie, or US military leaders are even more evil than we thought. You simply do not bombard chemical weapons storages this way, it will cause the toxic chemicals to spread with the wind and inevitably hit innocent civilians. Our thoughts about those responsible for this bombing are not high, but that they are that evil,  we still have difficulty believing.

There is an obvious correct method to treat suspected chemical weapons storage and production sites is to ensure access for international inspectors, so that any illegal weapons production could be revealed once and for all. This means that they lie and that they know they are lying, but they hope the press is benevolent and swallows every lie they serve in the lust of war, by refraining from asking embarrassing questions. The Barzeh plant has also been investigated twice by OPCW and no chemical weapons found there.

The first videos of Barzeh plant after the bombing, showing that people walk over the area without any protection against toxic chemicals.

Donald Trump, Emmanuel Macron and Theresa May are war criminals and should have been tried by an international court. This is currently difficult to obtain, but the least we can do is show that we condemn their actions and show our contempt by revealing their lies.

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