The Hidden Truth: How the Zionists Burned the Palestinian Boy Alive

The horrid story of this young Gentile Palestinian boy’s end at the hands of psychotic revenge-obsessed Jews gets worse and worse as more information comes to light.  According to Richard Silverstein of Tikkun Olam, certain details have only been published in Jewish media in Hebrew, and in Le Monde (in French only) as they scamper to keep the truth away from the Gentile world and ‘contain’ the damage already caused by fellow violent Jews’ pogrom, multiple on-going attempts at kidnapping Palestinians (including children) – hereherehere and here (obviously to revenge-murder them also), beatings, stabbings, hatchet almost revenge-murder, assault of a Christian bishop and priest as well as a governor and on and on it goes. And that isn’t even the beginning of the public relations problem for the Jews: they beat a Palestinian-American teen within an inch of his life whilst he was in his relatives’ yard watching protests against the violations of Jews and the murder of his cousin, Mohamed. Now the news has leaked out to the West and Americans are becoming acquainted with how Jews typically treat Palestinians. That information is not lost on Europeans but Americans, whose media is owned and controlled by Jews, are more insulated and ignorant. The image below is very graphic and upsetting (at the verybottom, so you can avoid it if you wish, and there will be a heading to alert you beforehand), but the information is really important for Gentiles to know: this is how sick, twisted, psychotic and vengeful Jews really are when they have the opportunity. And this is not an anomaly – historically they have behaved in such a frighteningly barbaric manner (see: Cassius Dio’s “Rome, Volume V., Book 68, paragraph 32). There is now the “Jewish state” all of their own (never mind the 20% population of Gentiles) and the government is complicit and even incites the vengeful nature of Jews and allows them to attack Gentiles with impunity, both inside Israel and outside Israel, in al-Quds/Jersualem, the ‘West Bank’ as well as in Syria’s Golan. No one stops them, so of course they will become more and more what they really are, the mask of civilisation slips further and further every day. They are not like us.

Abu Khdeir, Murdered Palestinian Boy Was Forced to Drink Gasoline, Then Burned to Death

6 July, 2014 Tikkun Olam

Jewish media admit Jewish murderers made Mohamed Abu Khdeir drink gasoline
Jewish media admit Jewish murderers made Mohamed Abu Khdeir drink gasoline

With each day that goes by the murder of Mohamed Abu Khdeir becomes ever more bestial.  Haaretz reports (Hebrew print edition only so far) that before he was burned to death he was doused with gasoline and forced to drink the fluid.  No doubt, the killers wanted him to burn from the outside and inside:

According to Palestinian public prosecutor, the findings of the autopsy were that Abu Khdeir was struck on the head and then burned to death:  there were signs of ash in his lungs showing that he was alive when his body was incinerated.  The police investigation determined that the youth was forced to drink the gasoline used to set his body alight.

A rabbi in a settlement in Samaria has even spoken for hanging the suspects for their crime.  But that avoids the real heart of the problem: punishment isn’t the answer.  Solving the root causes of the conflict with justice and compromise from both sides.  That’s the way to end this insanity.  Unfortunately, Israel and Palestine have become places that Martin Luther King said are blind and toothless: “The old law of an eye for an eye leaves everybody blind.”

Let us not allow Israel to get itself off the hook with pious platitudes and denunciations of the crime.  That does not absolve them of guilt.  This is a crime of the entire nation.  Not just the lunatic killers.  The entire nation should do teshuvah for this horrific act.  If there isn’t massive soul-searching it will only confirm the inhumanity of both the nation and the Zionist nationalism on which it was founded.

I wrote a post two days ago that suggested that Abu Khdeir’s death was a martyrdom.  He is a shahid (in Hebrew, a korban-literally “sacrifice”) in the finest sense of the term.  No matter how scared and beaten down he was, his suffering makes him and his cause noble.  His immolation purifies his soul and blackens those of his killers.  There is only one way to understand this horrific crime.  If we choose to see it in the terms his killers wanted, then we give them a moral victory.  I will deny them that at all costs.

[While it’s good that Richard gives information on what the Jewish media is revealing to his fellow Jews -but not Gentiles of course, since they parasitically live off of our largesse, he’s a Jew and is concerned for his tribe, not the Gentiles his fellow Jews are abusing and brutally, barbarically massacring. Richard, like other so-called “righteous Jews,” portrays himself as a champion against the evil Zionists, but in reality he is being a good Jew and looking out for the tribe – it is the evolutionary in-group strategy they always pursue, not benevolence towards Gentiles. It is also a skilful use of the Hegelian dialects in that he plays the “good cop” whilst his fellow tribe members wreak death, destruction and horror in their “Jewish” state and are free to do so whilst there are so-called “good Jews” to be their counterparts and cover for them and continue fooling Gentiles . -ed]

Murder in Jerusalem : the first elements of the investigation

7 July, 2014 Le Monde (French)
The six suspects are from Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh, Beitar Illit, as well as the colony of Benjamin, in the west bank. The Israeli daily Ma’ariv indicates that the suspects would be activists of the extreme-right from the ultra-orthodox Jewish community. Young adults or minors, they would not be tied to a movement of the religious right or the ” hilltop youth “, a movement of young settlers religious defending the illegal settlements in the West Bank. They have apparently acted on their own.

According to the Channel 2 of the Israeli television, some of these suspects were known to the police but were not under the supervision of the Shin Bet. ” None of the suspects has a past or a propensity to violence.

Two videos, broadcast by the media, are presented as images of the abduction. The first broadcast by the information site Palestinian Electronic intifada shows two young men, well dressed, on the scene of the kidnapping to Shufat, apply to a person who is not visible in the image. A vehicle rolls over to the side of them. One other video, that has provided the Guardian, offers a different perspective on the scene, captured by a surveillance camera.

Several witnesses of the kidnapping, attempted to catch the vehicle, in vain. They told the father of the victim, who was called the police at 4 : 05. The body of Mohammed Abu Khdeir was found in the hour that followed, thanks to the geo-location of the mobile phone. His body was burned to the ground, according to the lawyer of the family. The boy was wounded in the head, but ” these are the burns that covered 90 % of the body, which are the direct cause of his death “, said the attorney general Palestinian.

The preliminary reports, autopsy Palestinians have reported the presence of smoke in the lungs of the young man, which means that he was still alive when his body was burned. It ” was burned from the inside and the outside, because it has probably been forced to drink fuel “said Adnane Al-Husseini, the Palestinian minister in charge of Jerusalem.

The suspects could be prosecuted for ” membership in a terrorist organization “, ” abduction with the intent to commit murder”, “murder on minor”, “possession of weapons and ammunition”, and “murder with a racist intent”.

The Israeli police is also investigating the possible involvement of the suspects, in particular, three of them, in the attempted abduction of which has been the subject 1 July Moussa Zalum, a Palestinian child of nine years old, in the neighbourhood of Shufat in East Jerusalem.

Horrific photo of revenge-murdered Mohamed Abu Khdeir

This is what Jews do when they have the opportunity. You have seen what they did to the victim’s cousin when they thought he was just another Gentile Palestinian that could be easily abused and discarded… If you feel so able, the photo of Mohamed is below. This is what Jews do to Gentiles when they think they can.



Remains of Mohammed Abu Khdeir tortured and murdered by Jews

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