The Moral Victory

I’m gonna push my fear of insulting you – when I go by the assumption that your part of the naive Norwegian majority – or one of many people around the world who think there’s a truth behind the myth that Norway is the best country in the world, when I write this. I’d like to point out that in many ways you’re right, Norway is one of the best countries in the world, but with that comes a flipside. The side that battles suppression and abuse of power, is battling the hardest struggle – mainly because we stand on the battlefield alone – oppression in the best nation in the world is nothing compared to oppression in the rest of the world.

I haven’t met anyone who had a case of persecution under the local authorities like mine until I met the Bowen family. Our battles started when we officially took a stand against something our authorities liked. We live under a hidden dictatorship in Norway, a dictatorship enforced by the local social ‘welfare’ institutions. These institutions have been given the authorities to start a hidden criminal persecution disguised as aid measures. Nobody knows what’s going on behind closed doors, but when the institutions actually enforce a punishment, the repercussions are huge, as well as the traumatic impact it has. There are countless victims in this system, but I’ve never witnessed a case so comprehensive as the one the Bowen family is living under. I’ve seen them from a distance yes, not this close.

Dennis don’t have a criminal record, he’s never been a suspect-, charged or convicted of any violent acts. Dennis is what we see as a victim under a fabricated case, where they’ve made him out to be one of the highest security risks in Norway. Dennis crime? He did what I’d hope most of you see as a civil duty… standing up against unjust treatment and abuse of power.

This is where the story begins. He took sides with a whistleblower, when the leader on his department lost his job for reporting a crime on the workplace, Dennis stepped in as elected representative of the employees and as chairman of the Working Environment Committee (AMU) at the same company, Dennis was fired for performing his duty as leader of AMU.

Norwegians THINK that if this happens, our laws automatically protects us from unjust treatment, and I’m sorry to say that Dennis (like my story) tells the opposite, because this is when the local authorities in Tønsberg started what I see as a ‘gagging process’. The first thing that happens is that the local Barnevern department steps in and remove their  children from the home with force. When we fight Zionism we use the term ‘collective punishment’ – this is illegal under both Norwegian-, and international law.

After experiencing one home invasion and one form of abuse of power on the workplace, a need to look at Tønsberg municipality under the surface increased. These cases get ugly, the person they make you out to be is usually the opposite of the truth. You learn pretty fast that they can keep up this fight for years, and no matter if you know you’ll lose in court – you need to find the dirt on the people involved so that you at least can try to prove your innocent to the people around you. You NEED them!

Along the way, they find a network. This is a network that changes Dennis role as supportive colleague of a whistleblower, and becomes a whistleblower himself. Bowen and his supporters find what eventually turns out to be a form of brotherhood like the myth of Freemasonry. The findings that are published also identify members of the brotherhood, many of whom appear to be employed in public positions such as police and other authoritarian positions.

There are several reasons why I see this issue as a gagging process. For one thing, there are several people, not just Dennis who publishes documentation – these not prosecuted. When it comes to oppression and suppressive strategies I always use my pro-Pal activism as a source of reference. And it didn’t take long before I saw a mini IOF playground in Dennis livingroom. The local police giving a private demonstration of who’s got the power. They can’t prove a crime but the Excessive use of armed police has a goal of scaring ALL of them into silence. If the distance between the police response to an alleged crime is excessive, then this is also seen as a human rights violations.

If someone publishes harmful information on Facebook and the police respond to this with a larger police force of armed police (remember that Norwegian police usually is unarmed), than a terrorist encounters when he is killing 60 Norwegian kids on an island outside of Oslo. It’s pretty clear that the goal is something else than protecting the life of civilians, the safety work includes a completely different purpose. The family is in the process of dealing with the traumatic loss of their children under a brutally unjust Barnevern, something that has a tendency to have serious consequences both socially and professionally.

So YES of course, the police’s aggressiveness would feel more threatening to Dennis and his wife, than Dennis’s former boss who had no other family at risk. A sense of security is a basic need and by that removing this on every level with Dennis, they aim to silence them on every level as well. So the fully armed police, repeatedly, ruthlessly and without any legal cause take into their home. In one incident, without any form of motive an ax was used to smash the door in.

In one of the video clips one of the police responded ‘I don’t know why we’re here’ when he was asked to account for the conduct of the armed action and the following pretrial detention of Dennis. It should be self explanatory, that a police that on a normal day on the job don’t wear a gun, is informed WHY weapons are necessary in this particular mission, police is always supposed to be prepared for what he’d about to encounter in situations where they might need to fire their guns.

I’d be happy to travel back to America and face the legal process, but I need a guarantee that the legal process is fair

Edward Snowden gave this response to a question if he’d thought he’d ever travel back to the US. I see so many similarities between the Snowden case and the Bowen case, the only difference is that who know our legal rights was just as non-existent here as in America? Both cases are school examples of what ‘miscarriage of justice’ is, but also alarming when it comes to peoples fear of being subjected to the same treatment.

Dennis have collected 700 documents proving the inhumane treatment he’s been subjected to. The family have been given 10 written promises since 2016, that their court date will be set – non of these promises where kept. They’ve kept count on number of police officers in their living room and spread from 2016 until today, they’ve reached 300 headcounts. Dennis spent 14 weeks in detention without any specific charges or any kind of legal proceedings. The documentation of the harassment is good and comprehensive, and the society outside the town is starting to notice, and help them in their fight.

The World Declaration states that it’s a human right to resist if you’re subjected to inhumane treatment. The Norwegian constitution says you have the right to prevent or defend yourself against an illegal crime in the Self-Defense act. Right before his last arrest, Dennis and I was talking – and Dennis doesn’t hide the fact that he’s starting to see that he might not survive this struggle. The police carry guns for a reason, and the reason is that they have the ability to use them. You don’t need an expert degree to know that the closer to the edge you’re pushed as a human being under this treatment – the more likely a deadly outcome becomes. Dennis would not be the one to pull the trigger – he behaves according to the law.

Just a few days after this conversation a new recording is published. It’s Dennis’s who’s invoking his right to self-defense in case something happens, and the harassment increase. In the recording Dennis address the Norwegian directly.

Erna Solberg, he says you’ll be held accountable for murder if you don’t step in soon”

The corruption scandal is chrystal clear, as well as every accusation is proven, when the authorities manage to use that quote as just cause for a new pretrial arrest, for threatening to kill the Norwegian PM! They spin his fear for his life, because of their guns – and spin it around to him being the violent one.

A few days later a social worker, from the social service office decided to file a report with similar accusations. Dennis said – and this is the quote from the police report…

I’ll change the system – or die trying

By now Dennis is placed in a ‘high-security prison’, in other words built for the most dangerous criminal offenders in Norway. So that the caseworker is a little skeptical when she meets an inmate there for the first time, I can forgive that. But any upright person with basic English knowledge can see that there’s not one thing in that sentence that says he wants to kill somebody – rather the opposite! He thinks he’ll die in the process.

The pressure that Dennis has experienced at home continues in prison. A tactic of humiliation and degrading treatment is used as a strategy in the process of breaking Dennis – this is a methodology described as torture in the Norwegian media to describe the situation of prisoners in foreign prisons living below. We follow the matter and gain access to the business documents – we cannot believe this happens in Norway and that happens because of some unwanted Facebook publications.

Let’s say that Dennis actions might have been criminal acts – I use the term ‘might’ when all who live in the best country, including Dennis, is protected by both Norwegian and international laws that say that one is innocent until proven guilty.

The 700 pages of evidence on crimes committed against him and his family, after the  whistle blowing incident is against the authorities in Tønsberg (Vestfold). When Dennis is about to prepare the trial, he loses his right to choose his own counsel, he’s also deprived of the right to necessary communication, which causes documents to be prevented to reach the recipient they were meant for when handed over. The Contradiction Principle ignored. He has no access to legal documents or evidence. He has no real opportunity to defend himself.

Dennis voids are controlled by prison guards before and after the visit – even when he posed in court, he was searched to ensure that he did not get along documents they had undergone. This order is given by the prosecuting authorities of the same municipality as Dennis has published as a criminal activity!

There is hope that Dennis’s right to defend his innocence in front of a neutral court will be safeguarded when the trial is relocated by Vestfold on April 19th due to hability issues. Shortly after we are invited to participate as observers to the miscarriage of justice against Dennis Bowen. Corruption is confirmed to the highest extent when the court changes the decision from ineligible to habil and resumes the case for consultation in the local courtroom.

One is not surprised by the sentence of a year in prison after prison in pretrial arrest are deducted. This is a case is dominated by power games and camaraderie, that IS the case. Dennis lost as expected, but this is not gonna end as Tonsberg Municipality dreamed. Dennis did the important part when he managed to reveal the system, and managed to wake a lot of people along the way, in other words we can thanks to him he’s created BIG cracks. The appeal will most likely be treated the same, but the war is not over and Dennis Bowen has not lost yet – I’m ready to serve


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