Gaza is already ‘unviable’ for human life, says EU rights group

The Geneva-based rights group called for an international conference to propose urgent solution for Gaza crises before it is too late.


Euro-Med Observer for Human Rights has said that Gaza Strip “is currently unviable place for human life” due to continuous Israeli siege and punitive measures of Palestinian Authority (PA).

A report issued by the Geneva-based group said that a “serious humanitarian catastrophe is inevitable to take place in Gaza if the international world does not act immediately.”

The report said that the Euro-Med had sent letters to different international organisations, telling them that “suffering of Gazans has reached an unprecedented level due to the 11-year-old Israeli siege, as well as the almost permanent closure of the crossings, making Gaza the world’s largest open-air prison.”


It added: “The eleven-year-old blockade has affected all walks of life for more than 2 million people living in Gaza. Youth in Gaza have lost hope for a better future because of the longstanding years of unemployment, with a rate of 60 per cent.”

Meanwhile, the report said that the “continuous power cut, which extend to 20 hours a day, led to the suspension of normal life,” noting this puts the life of patients in Gaza hospitals at stake.

Adding to this, the report said that thousands of students and patients are trapped in Gaza due to the closure of border crossings through Israel and Egypt. Therefore, hundreds of students have lost their places at international universities and patients died due to losing chances of proper treatment abroad.


The Euro-Med said that 97 per cent of Gaza water is unfit for human consumption. Sewage and water networks in Gaza are under the threat of a sudden major collapse due to critical need for spare parts banned by Israel.

In the light of the given details about Gaza, the Euro-Med called for the UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Mark Lokoc, the High Commissioner-General of UNRWA Pierre Krähenbühl and other international officials to hold an urgent conference to propose urgent solutions for the Gaza crisis.

“A UN report previously indicated that Gaza would not be a viable place for human life by 2020, but the reality shows that Gaza is currently unliveable,” the Euro-Med stressed.