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When I’m old I want to be able to look back at my life and be able to say I worked to make the world a better place.

Palestine Momentum is one of the things I was able to do, that I want to be proud of in that context. Not just for trying to write in order to help “free Palestine”, but what Palestine Momentum is becoming and how we’re getting there.

I’m actually not writing much. I’m giving my voice, my pen, and my freedom of expression to Palestinian citizens.

Together with Palestinians I have created a board that work together to make THEIR stories told. We have meetings every week is our online “Board Room” where we work as a team to build bridges between the west and Palestine.

We set new small goal every week,  and hope that, with time that the small organisations in Palestine will receive small donations given to the blog. Either through advertising campaigns or donations from readers.

You can be part of the team! 

Palestine Momentum is about Palestine daily life, culture, occupation and suppression.

We want your story, your happy day or your day in terror under IOF control. The ones who help us with articles will be able to come with suggestions to what organisation should be on donor list ~ and as we grow ~ get 10% of the donations yourselves!

You can reach us on:
Palestine Momentum on Facebook

, @PalMomentum on Twitter or send a mail to

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