A message on behalf of Mikkel Grüner

(Translation: Sara Bell’s Facebook post)

Comrades –

before we lose the opportunity for telecommunications and networks, here comes a latest update from the Norwegian ship Kårstein (Al Awda) who sails with aim to break the illegal blockade of Gaza sea:

We’ve sailed 5000 miles since we left Bergen early May, and are in international waters south of Crete. The morale is high aboard, and we expect to approach Gaza around the 29th.

We’re 22 human rights activists on board from all over the world, including a Norwegian delegate, and 4 Norwegians + a Danish-Bergenser in the crew. It’s the first time we’re sailing under the Norwegian flag aiming to challenge the Israeli state’s crimes against humanity.

If Israeli naval forces, contrary to international and maritime law, board our ship, I ask you to help us with the Norwegian authorities and put pressure on Israel and secure our release.

It is possible to reach us from time to time via satellite phone, but the connection is unstable.


Break the blockade!

Free Palestine!


2 thoughts on “A message on behalf of Mikkel Grüner

  1. Israel is based on lies, even the population is mostly fake Jews, the opportunists from eastern European countries. Gaza has been blockaded by Israel, with the conveyances of America and it’s allies.

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    1. I know, this is a sad fact that the world finally is starting to realize.. That’s also why placing international acts like “floatillas” in focus.. because it’s concrete international testimonies of the barbarism that’s taking place.. in Gaza in this case


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