#Art6 Screw the UDHR!!

These last days have been good… these last weeks have been so relaxing! Having to set aside the apartheid state and crimes against humanity to finish my exams… If only everyone i this world was so lucky!! This was the first week my first of this year’s summer holidays, and I was starting to look forward to a small trip with my family and return in time for the ICC to beguine, but we can’t hide the fact that we are fighting the scum of the earth… and humans are doing it without guns so it’s gonna be a long fight – unfortunately while we fight, our friends are caught in the crossfire, as they have for the last 67 years!

Do you see Hamas in this tunnel? Do you see any weapons? This is no threat!!

“We don’t miss these photos , just we need live in PEACE ! My age just 30 and i saw 3 WARS ! In previous times i SURVIVED , may in the next time NO !” my friend Marwan Seyem is keeping me posted on tonight’s actions in Gaza.

So the news in the western media tonight- in Norway’s biggest newspaper the header is still Blatter’s exit from FIFA. Gaza and bombing  isn’t mentioned, we see the same on BBC, Gaza bombing is a secret kept from the western population! I don’t follow western news anymore. I go to friends for reports, the west should be ashamed of them self, giving the Palestinian population the responsibility of reporting their own murders to the world, this truly shows what part of the world is the “evil” part! Palestine and Gaza are daily licking wounds from the last attack, not war – ATTACK!! And now they are once again under a terrible terror attack! The training they did on the open areas in Gaza in may was a practice for this? Israel need to attack Gaza’s civil population again when Isis attack them?

Once again smoke from shelling in the sky
Once again smoke from shelling in the sky

Netanyahu have been claiming that Hamas and ISIS are cooperating, but the latest war against Hamas and ISIS clearly state that it’s a lie as all the other lies the Israeli government comes with! Fake propaganda is so vivid for the people who’s in contact with these people daily, and it’s time the world realizes that and wake up! You can call me a conspiracy theoretic and hate the theories, but it’s becoming more and more clear that Isis is cooperating with Israel in some form! we’re getting more and more proof of it!

The light we remember so well, how is it living this life?

I’m a lucky girl! Getting to know the Palestinian people the way I do. My Arab friends have enriched my life in so many ways! The fact that they don’t hate all of us from the West is amazing. Look at some of us, hating and fearing all Muslims because of something a few supposedly Muslims do – to the Muslims in the Middle East. I would hate me if I was Palestinian…  Another thing is that I get the true updates- The pictures from Gaza, the West Banks and Palestine, I see them every day –  I see the truth. And tonight, when Israel starts their continuous attacks on a population so fragile and unprotected me and thousands of my friends around the world get back on duty – updating you every second! Every time a bomb falls we’ll bombard with thousands of pictures!

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