Palestine Momentum

I’m reintroducing and inviting you to my blog page…. In one form or way 🙂

Palestine Momentum

Hi and welcome to Palestine Momentum!

I want to tell you a bit about this page, so that you might find an interest in following me, do something for humanity or even better for me and the idea for this page, contribute with some words.

Palestine Momentum is a social blog for ProPal activists, I want others to write for me, and some are but they are expressing them selves via me because it might put them in harms way if they expose them selves. But let’s face it it takes time to build something, and I have a family and I’m writing a lot as a student so the famous writers block might give it some hold ups. If you want to contribute on a daily – weekly or monthly basis I can create an account for you. I might translate some of the articles to Norwegian and publish…

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