UDHR.art.5 Don’t subject ANYONE to torture or forms of inhuman ~ degrading treatment or punishment

Israel Prisons & Streets

Since the start of October and Abbas UN speech, an uprise in the Palestine Youth movement arose and the demonstrations are no longer peaceful. We are prepared to back them up and by showing the world what Palestinians risk – not just under violent demonstrations. Being born Palestinian Arab is enough for art.5 in UDHR to be ignored by the invitation forces.

From Oct.01.-13. 2015 560 Palestinians have been arrested. In average there are 6800 Palestinian  prisoners in occupational prison-camps. 50% of of those prisoners have what the Zionists call “blood on their hands” and among them are  numerous children, why?

In the west we always hear about the rock-throwing and the violent demonstrations. Well, today we have clear video evidence of who those “violent rock-throwers are.

If we only knew both sides TRUE STORY

Israel have issued 1500 military restrictions in the West Banks an 1400 in Gaza. Did you know that “if you pour a cup of to a member of the association occupation will see you as a person who supports terror”.

 The IDF Code says: “a member of the IDF is obligated to protect EVERY human and  it’s rights”. But with their Palestinian prisoner humanity is; escorted to jail blindfolded too, so he’s unaware of where he ends up.

Is shooting a blindfolded and handcuffed occupied Palestinian serves humanity?

If Hamas take 1 IDF or oPt prisoner the occupation’s willing to exchange 1000  Palestinian prisoners. If the Leaders in oPt suspects that Hamas has killed 3 Israeli kids Israel will kill 3000 in Gaza.

Danish Police and a Syrian girl, treated with DIGNITY
Danish Police and a Syrian girl, treated with DIGNITY

Opt Prison Service says that their goal is to treat every prisoner with dignity and that they aim to rehabilitate them into society. Palestinian prisoner enters jail he can’t demand legal aid before 60 days. Invaders are covered after 24 hours. 70%-90% of the Palestinian oPt-prisoners never gets any legal aid at all.

The absent of a Constitution makes the wide protection of civil rights and freedoms ensures equality before the law” quote the Occupation’s leaders. Palestinian prisoner are placed before a judge in military court, and that judge has been appointed by the IDF itself, ie. appointed by the occupational forces. So we shouldn’t be surprised that they allow those 70-90% face him without an lawyer present. It’s known that Palestinians can be in detention for 8 years without a trial!

invader endured it for 5 years, and use it to excuse their behaviour 60 years lader
Invader endured it for 5 years, and use it to excuse their behavior 60 years later

If you’re Aan occupied Palestinian and throw a rock, 20 years max, if you’re invader and burn children alive you get 6 months only which he spends most of them out. And one of the most serious crimes is for an IDF soldier to deny going in for an assignment in Gaza or the West Bank.

Maslows pyramid of basic needs is a well known theory for people working with humans like in health care or other places. How are the Palestinian’s needs are met?

Physical, psychological, social and cultural Humans basic needs for survival
Physical, psychological, social and cultural Humans basic needs for survival

Your own personal goals. What personal goals do you think the boy giving himself, as he’s being pulled to pieces, as we see in the picture. 90% of the Palestinian prisoners have been regularly beaten in Israeli prisons. That don’t give a lot of room for self actualization.

The need for recognition many of the prisoners are children, who according to the Child Convention is: “EVERY child, with NO EXCEPTION, have the right to security and freedom”, but they will be treated EXACTLY the same way a grownup prisoner is. They don’t feel recognition.

Human connection All Palestinian prisoners are forbidden to have visitors from family while imprisoned. A child down to 8 years old not seeing its mother of a father for days. These are need that will make your body be unbalanced if not met.

Safety 89% of Palestinian prisoners are denied sleep for longer periods. 82% of them have experienced Shabeh, a method where they force a suspect to freeze in a painful position for up to 48 hours. 55% suffers through periods of extreme hot or cold temperatures. 50% experience being beaten. Attempted murder or rapes, since some murders are hidden, and some find rape since there are blind spots. 1967 in oPt prisons is 70 but we know that there are numbers higher.

Palestinian who confessed to a crime while being tortured does not effect the court rulings.

The first step on the pyramid is physical needs, these are basic needs that if you lack them you’ll die. People need at least 1 liter of water a day. They can get less than that in Gaza and the West Bank if they’re unlucky! In prison they can deny the prisoners water for a longer period. Another basic human need is nutrition. and as an example from mars to may 2002 a military prison camp gave their prisoners  frozen food, that the prisoners had to defrost in the sun.

They have to go many hours, without water?
They have to go many hours, without water?

When these type of basic human needs aren’t attended to you get sick. At least 1000 Palestinian prisoners suffer from cancer,kidney failure, diabetes and acute inflammations in organs and outer body. Palestinian prisoner don’t  get medical treatment, and are  in a way “doomed” to suffer a long and painful death, in these cases.

 Am i Wong when I say Palestinians are human?!

The  rules that are written in the text over are unique in our region the Middle East. Where military coups rule and suicide bombers and terrorists aim to kill as many civilians as possible. Israel is judged differently because we’ve got a higher standard than others here in the Middle East…

I’m ending it with a comment to the IDF Code…

FIGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOM! FIGHT FOR PALESTINE! Christians and Muslims are both occupied and uprising

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