April 10.2017 4:30pm Palestine time!

After being arrested, interrogated and tortured for peacefully protesting the apartheid system in Al-Khalil-Hebron/Palestine, four human rights activists are released to speak up about what they have passed through, about their activism and their future plans:

You’re given the unique opportunity to see the four activists from the #DismantleTheGhetto movement in a live broadcast where what ever question you ask, will be answered!

In the group Human Rights Defenders on Facebook you will meet Badee Dwaik, Younes Arar, Anan Dana and Ishaq Al-Khateeb. Who’s decided to use this episode to their advantage by educating the world, about life under a brutal apartheid regime!

Relevant links:

HumanRightsDefenders on Facebook 

HumanRightsDefenders On Twitter 

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