Within Their Own Words: Zionism IS antisemitism



Here are an extensive, documented series of incidents, quotes and actions carried out by the zionist movement leading up to, during and after World War 2. I recommend that you read it.

It shows that zionism cosied up to fascists well before the war and that even though they were a tiny minority among European Jewry, they were given a lead vocal role in implementing the purge of Jews from their European home using the exact same language as the antiJudaic parties of the era.

They openly admit that the ultranationalist, “purity of race” principals of nazism are no different from their own.

That when Jews were being persecuted, they excused the persecution.

They consciensciously profited from the misery, both in wealth and personnel for their own personal ultranationalist, colonization scheme in Palestine.

They thwarted all global attempts to take in Jewish refugees.

They went out of their way to…

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