Can ‘t exclude the nuclear weapons in the battle against IS

I felt this should be translated.. this is Norwegian Press  By: MAtIAS YTTERSTAD - torsdag 19. november 2015, kl.01:34

– All options analyzed.

(Dagbladet): The horrific terrorist attacks in the French capital Friday evening and early Saturday morning, cost 129 people their lives.

The French president has repeatedly said that France now “is at war” against the terrorist organisation IS, and after the Paris-terror the country has scaled up their bombing raids against IS-targets in Syria.

Nevertheless does not guarantee the French are content to to use conventional arms in the battle against the terrorists. Argued by the Lars Wedin, who is head of research at Institut Francais d’Analyse strategique (IFAs).

– That’s what atomic weapons are created for
Wedin, told Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet (requires authorization) that the use of atomic weapons is a possibility.

– There are some things that speaks for usage of nuclear weaponry. Taking approximately 20 percent of the defense budget, and we are at war. IS has attacked the a vital French interest, its population. That is precisely why nuclear arms has been created in order to protect. The majority speaks against, but there is a possibility, he says.

France, along with the UK, the only countries in Europe that has carried out nuclear bomb testing, and is considered internationally approved nuclear powers.

They are also deemed Europe’s largest military force, which may indicate that a ground offensive in Syria would be appropriate, however Wedin doubt it. Primarily because the resources are already spread thin with many stationed within national borders after the attack on Charlie Hebdo in January.

– They are struggling with both personal and material. At the same time the rough terrain and extreme temperature conditions in the region where IS are located, he said.

– Seems unlikely

Palle Ydstebø is master teacher in strategy and doctrine by the Norwegian Defence Academy. He says to NRK that France have many other opportunities that would be more likely than the usage of nuclear weaponry.

– Should you alter the war’s character is the use of ground troops definitely the most effective. To enter with nuclear arms is something quite different. That seems unlikely, and I do not think that it’s needed he says.

He thinks the continued use of conventional precision weapons are the most appropriate, and points out that if Hollande should apply nuclear arms to a conflict, it will be the first time since the US dropped the bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki roughly 70 years ago.

In fact what is sure is that the evaluation has been made. says Francois Gere. He is head of IFAs where Wedin’s head of research, and has been assigned by the French government to analyze the country’s options when it comes to counter attacks.

– France is at war, and we’re going to backfire. All the options are analyzed, including a nuclear attack, he says according to the Swedish Dagens Industri.

Cooperation and conversations

President Hollande have been relentless in its rhetoric against IS after the attacks and made it clear Monday that France intended to triple their military efforts against the terrorist group

– France is at war. But this is not the war between civilizations, to consider these murderers represent any civilization, he said, while he emphasized the importance of being united against the new enemy.

Later in the month he will travel to both Washington and Moscow to discuss how the fight against IS can be coordinated, and the Russian president Vladimir Putin have already made it clear that their forces will cooperate with the French.

 It is necessary to establish direct contact with the French and cooperate with them as allies, Putin said Tuesday.

Wednesday there were reports that at least 33 people were killed in attacks that Russian and French combat aircraft have conducted against IS-objectives in the north section in Syria.



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