Norwegian Press integrity ??? WHERE!!!?

2. Integrity and credibility

What an illusion it is! The money and the magical power! How we determined the value of gold were more than the value of granite? The integrity and credibility is what counts!

What happens when people “wake up” and see what’s going on? I scream at the TV screen as if it were the Cup Final when I watch the news! What’s going to happen? We who REFUSE to accept what is going on – we increase. What happens to you then? You have capital, but sitting with a product nobody wants!

2.2 The editor and the individual editorial staff member should protect their independence, integrity and credibility. Avoid double roles, positions, assignments or bonds that can create conflicts of interest or cause speculation and disqualification.

I do not know the press well, but I’ve had my 15 minutes and I have to admit – that if you work against the “hidden powers” – the press make your life pure HELL. I’m just scared when I see how big the press’s dual role is in relation to their customers!

I had to defend a profile picture with the words “Pray for peace, equality and justice.” One of the Prime Canal’s own journalists responded because he thought it was too much religion and too little reality, and that I, as Atheist should not use such jargon. This is not working on me anymore .. FORTUNATELY!

I must say that I become skeptical when members of the press TRY to change my utterances and restrict my freedom of speech. I must stress that it is not just this one journalist I have encountered these episodes from

Those who are most afraid of the so-called coexistence that the West keep “fighting” for, is in fact the West itself.

This image was received from a Facebook friend. What we see on it is all the nations that suffered an atrocity last weekend – included in our thoughts. (Pray? It fits in well into the picture – which by the way was taken one year ago, and the girl says “please” – that is praying too)

Previously it would have silenced me,  or I’d remove the status. My answer this time on the other hand…

“… it’s possible I’m no ideal Atheist, but I’m a damn proficient humanist” and “The day I stop praying for peace, equality and justice, you’ll get an invite from me for my new Facebook account . Because that day I am not ‘human rights activist’ anymore “

Having integrity means that the you have a clean and complete reputation, and that you are followed because you are trusted, and portray an image that matches the world view.

Facebook has made it very easy to double check media’s credibility, and when you see the AUTHENTIC worldview. One has no other choice but to accept the fake image? How can one NOT speak against such acts? 70 youngsters was killed on Utøya – imagine if the world had kept it a secret ??

I’ve found that when someone uses terms like “anti-Semitic” this is almost becoming a “quality label”! Addressing taboo issues has increased in acceptance, because the media is about to lose their integrity as a messenger and norm giver!

Norway as a promoter of peace ??

Remarks as “Pulled out by Gaza” and “Ariel Accepted Palestinian statehood” in Bondevik’s reflection on Sharon’s Molde Visit in 2003. Norway was the first nation to “recognize and support an expanding of occupation, both in terms of words and consolidation by the military presence in oPt. Yet it is stated that we had “a major influence on the peace efforts in the Middle East” by the Norwegian press (Photo: Bjørn Brunvoll, Rbnett 2003).
We should have our own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Our neutrality in relation to suppression, display a trace of a state that is bought – with a press that receives Blood Money to keep the illusion of a peace stamp we DO NOT deserve!


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I’m looking for evidence that could bring the ALL western nations to a courtroom where thy hopefully are sentenced for their crimes. I am sniffing the West and the democracy in the seams. I work with such a critical approach that Sherlock Holmes, he looks like a slob in comparison to me when i do my search for data.

2.5. The editorial staff are not obliged to do something that is against their own convictions.

One thing is certain – conspiracy theories will not be stopped! Is not that “taboo” anymore anyway- LOOK with your own eyes! How little “evidence” Norwegian press need to give you for you to believe it! It should be a “people claim” – an order – That proof in the issues are presented as evidence by EVERYONE – BEFORE the “people verdicts” are aired!


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