Confronting the Norwegian newspaper Vårt Land: “Boycott of Israel does not promote peace”rp

A Norwegian politician (from the political party Krf which was the main party behind the work with the Oslo accords) wrote an article  in the Newspaper “Vårt Land” who is a Christian targeted paper in Norway. The readers of these newspapers are often on the right sides of politics, so I decided to spin my argumentation to how they promote their domestic political programs. I was pretty happy with this twist so I decided to translate it for you!

The focus of this KrF politician is that it results in stigmatization and reminding him of WW2. He says

“This debate is about using boycotts as means to create peace, in my opinion a questionable tool that leads to more hatred and intransigence.”

…and to this my response is:

“So what you’re saying is that … 

….. That the world should stop sanctions of the Russian Federation and all the other countries that we have a strained relationship with it?

The State of Israel belongs to worst offenders in the world, in every possible way! You cry out for democracy and equality, but it does not exist in the occupied territories!

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (06- 12 August 2015)

This is a typical week for Palestinians!

Of what I’ve been witnessing, I must say it looks like the world’s worst offenders are allies. In this context I see that among the worst alliance Middle East is the countries that bombed Yemen this summer a describing combination of the most brutal Middle Eastern countries!

Do not give me nonsense claptrap to those who work with this daily! Even Coca Cola have recently gone out and called for a boycott (not that I 100% tust that article). But it tells a lot about how the sanctions we as private persons carry out against a war criminal state – has of impact on Israel’s economy! And why should you “force” people to cover the costs of occupation? Sanctions isn’t only about creating peace, it’s about punishment!

If you scroll through the pages of PCHR you will also see that from the Palestinians perspective Norway with your party (KrF) in the lead, is regarded as one of those who have actually let them down the most in this “conflict” ..

Another typical allegation is that just because we support Palestine’s resistance, we support the Palestinian government. A member of the Norwegian organization – With Israel for Peace – came with the same argument in this debate. I need to add to my readers that I stand by Hamas resistance to Israel, but not the way Hamas governs in Palestine!

To this my response is:

“Dear, beautiful Kjell 🙂

Do you really think that human rights activists is supporting Palestine, only with an interested of damaging Israel? Or that we are only concerned about the Palestinians missing privileges from Israeli side explicit? If so then you you’ve drawn a meticulous error in your conclusion and assessment of us. I recommend that you familiarize yourself more into – who we are as people before you promote these claims!

As recently as yesterday I wrote to my Muslim activist friends that “When we come to to a point in this fight, you’re going to look at me as the enemy ~ among other things because of my commitment to gay rights in your the home country”. My partners in Gaza is also most often Democrats and live under constants threats from Hamas and I also wants Hamas brought to justice in ICC for the their criminal acts.

Is it a Muslim behind every terror attack? Or a terror attack behind every Muslim? They quickly stopped calling the Norwegian CHRISTIAN terrorist as a CHRISTIAN EXTREMIST

You are using terms like hypocrites, Nazism and terrorism and because of this terminology I would like you to look at yourself and the actual situation in Palestine, as well as the BDS operation and answer me this.

I assume you are on the political right-wing, which has policies screaming for privatization and a competitive market to increase quality of products, economic growth and overall product development. From my standpoint, I’ve never seen so many brands of cola in the stores than today (several of them Norwegian products). At the same time I have developed consumer awareness, and by that I mean I’m looking for national products, small local businesses and alternative of manufacturers producing cosmetics and clothing, and ethical products.

Therefore BDS is contributing to economic growth and give good competition to national and international giants.

The right wing policy programs say that they have a wish for increased privatization and entrepreneurial development, or?

Picking cotton so that you can get nice cheep clothes for your own kids

Meanwhile I highly recommend (whether or not boycott) to download Buycott app, this may in fact show you that the companies we boycott – that we say are unethical, are often unethical companies on more areas than just against the Palestinians. Child labor in India is a well known issue in clothes chains such as Hennes and Mauritz. Nestle will take potable water in African countries. And Jif (here I want to use Israel as an example) donated $ 485,000 earmarked for warfare and weapons of the IDF.

They use what they need to in Pakistan but that doesn’t matter as long as we got our luxury brands

And this is something you think people need to aid and that business practices that should be continued?

In July I had the a “partial success” in stopping a posting in TV2. Norwegian media wanted to inform us about two Jews that was “kidnapped” by Hamas last summer. I did not stop this to display any form of support for Hamas, as told I am a human rights activist not a member of a political party. I stopped the case because two days earlier Gaza once again had been bombed, and the week before were as many as 13 children in the West Bank kidnapped (more if we look at the whole oPt) by the IDF, this was not a topic in the Norwegian press.

In terms of issues like these, it may seem like I’m more interested in looking at Israel’s role in the given situation (media had apparently forgotten “the war” that went on the summer “the kidnappings” happened). And I can say that by passing simple questions to my informants I received verification that two Israelites was ARRESTED after crossing the border into Gaza. The informants also said that Hamas had tried to extradite one of the prisoners subsequently, however that Israel didn’t want the prisoner back because of his Ethiopian origin.

Christian Zionist terrorist in Norway

This is a response to the use of terms like Nazi and antisemitism against anti-Zionists.

Semites is in fact nomads from African countries and the Middle East, for 3,000 years they wandered from country to country as missionaries. This comprises all three major religions, NOT only Jews that the Nazis wanted to exterminate. For that simple reason I would have supported Jewish immigration to Palestine from these nations. I DON’T support limitless western immigration in the region for the same reasons as you don’t support free immigration to Norway from Africa or the Middle East! What do you say?

German convert jihadist in Syria
German convert jihadist in Syria ~ most of us know that most members of ISIS is converters from the west

You fear Norwegian identity and culture will be lost, is that it?

Also the term terrorism .. honestly you must stop using the term at all, or have a more entirety covering use on the term of the explicit actions carried out by PERSONS, not just in contexts where “Muslims” are involved!

Rumors has it that I am a scary lady in Norway. My father, an old AKP ml (marxist-leninistene), was monitored by PST (Police Security Service) until 1992 … I was part of that folder as infants. If I’m so dangerous, why am I one of three Norwegians who have been on “Profentens Ummah” Facebook page, and actively tried to stop their recruitment efforts.

My crime.. Ironically a person in Palestine would be considered a criminal for the same action
I’m fighting for equal rights for the Palestinians ~ so i guess in a weird way this is a small victory ~

I am a human rights activist, but because I see the Palestinians as human beings, I am a threat, isn’t it like that?

Isis has claimed that they are Muslims, but when the Norwegian atheist ~ she who smoke and drink. She has a child out of wedlock and living with a man without being married. She who is so daring that she embarks bikini pictures (okay! The boundary is set to legs) on Facebook ~ She gets invited to enlist in Isis by Maldivian recruiter.This on its own is an element that quite simply says the press CAN’T refer to Isis as an Islamic organization in publications, as it’s an indirect lie. If Norwegian media allows Isis to dictate them?I unfortunately feel the need to announce that the terrorist organization won already.

If we remove the religious basis …What is the difference between Isis and IDF? Just by looking at the organizations’ specific actions? Will you be purchasing products that supports Isis financially?

I was positively surprised when Netanyahu called the murder of 18-month-old Ali a terrorist attack, but then what is the “extreme hot – extreme cold” torture that Palestinian children are subjected to in occupant prisons? The killer of Ali was released yesterday by the way. At the same time we are still waiting the judgment of the criminals behind the murder of Mohammed Al-Khader, they have admitted their actions.

Where is the legal rights of Palestinian children? Was this terror? I did not hear the term after the 17-year-old and his brother was set on fire from the inside!

Last year I also witnessed the killings of French and Danish citizens, these were referred as terror attacks, attacks that I totally renounce course. Later after similar situations – like the murder of the three Muslim students in the United States -The man is referred to as “killer” – they wrote he atheist yes, but religion was not in focus.

After the mass murder of American moviegoers a few months later. Not in this situation either is the assassin referred to as a terrorist or linked to a religion. The press TRIED to link the Utøya assassination of religion, but it was rebuffed immediately internationally.

This ended up as a long answer, but honestly, I would like a response that can demonstrate your political principles when it comes to how you would like YOUR country to be governed, and how the attitudes of BDS reveals that you are willing to depart from these political points of views when it comes to how other countries should be controlled.

Indeed, this is what you do! ~ just to save one of the worst offenders in the world ~ in terms of violations of human rights.”

~ End~ quote~

2 thoughts on “Confronting the Norwegian newspaper Vårt Land: “Boycott of Israel does not promote peace”rp

  1. Forget Christian Democratic Party. They have always supported Israel. What really frightening is that the Norwegian government consisting of right-wing parties will not recognize Palestine as an independent state. Norway is one of the few countries that have this setting. They believe they can first recognize Palestine as an independent state if it is negotiated with Israel. Breivik was a member of one of the government parties in Norway. (FRP) …


    1. Hehehe I know, I’m from Molde! My first demonstration against Israel occupation was when Ariel Sharon was in town 😀


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