What comes after the Israeli aggression on Gaza?

جمال أبو نحل

It seems that the completion of the cease-fire and starting a long or short-term calming did not 534183_10152474667884897_822155074_nconstitute to the stability of the region, even for a limited period of time. After the signing of the armistice agreement, which did not stay long, because of the continuous appetite of the Israeli occupation for aggression, and considering of the wars on the Palestinian as the only solution to the Dilemma of Israeli coalition governments, whose formation and persistence is controlled by the extremist Jewish settlers and the Israeli right-wing extremist. Israel continues wars on the Palestinian people, the use of its barbarian bloodthirsty war machine, ignoring the settlers’ crimes in Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank, kidnapping and killing of Palestinians and the confiscation of their lands and building settlements, Israel also continues the policy of ethnic cleansing, the construction of racial separation wall, and Continues the siege of Gaza Strip…

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