Runners for the freedom of Palestine .


8may2016: The Runner Mohammad AlQadi, a 26 year old Palestinian from Jenin West Bank finished his third marathon in 50 days at Geneva marathon, carrying the Palestinian Flag. 50 days before he ran the Marseille marathon and on April 3th the Paris Marathon .

Palestinian Mohammad AlQadi finished the third marathon in Switzerland Geneva in three hours and 44 minutes. AlQadi, currently living in Lyon, France, travels around the world to participate in runs and (half) marathons, using these platforms to bring attention to the Palestinian cause.

Lots of supporters of AlQadi show up at the runs he participates in, many to show solidarity, also bring their Palestinian flags. On May 19th he will be running half a marathon in Algeria.

In October AlQadi will start to run with a team of ten to generate even more attention to the cause. Please share and follow Mohammad AlQadi on Facebook or on Twitter @ALQadiPAL.

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