Vital Oraganization; Medics Index with Medicscharity

Doctors can’t always be in the center of the crisis but they can also do a lot from a distance with the right connections and the right team.
Doctors worldwide have united in Medics Index to help Palestinian doctors in their HARSH work situation the best way possible.


If you contact them among other places on their group on Facebook. 

You will be given instructions and maybe medical assistance online if you’re need is in line with our guidelines.

You can sign up if you are educated in all medical fields and can document it. and if you need assistance with treatment you provide journal documentation. Medics Index will help  as far as it’s possible.

Setting up a Talk Channel

Last week I sat with a doctor and medical personal trying to help a Syrian man who with the combination surgery and 3 moth starvation was in desperate need of medical assistance.

12721792_886142364838699_1839355220_n (1)
A man who unfortunately couldn’t be saved. But as I’m also in the Medics Index team, the contact with medical personal happened shortly after.


The difference could be huge if our sick Syrian in serious need of help,f assistance he got would be huge if I knew about him before, or they knew about Medicscarity, and if you download the app it is called ZELLO!
It’s FREE and the channel name is Medicsradio
and it is an easier way yo talk to people about Palestine too and it is the only app that will work without a sim in your mobile

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