International Flag For Palestine !!

Like every place on Earth, the Palestinian people are diverse; some love Brizil for football, some love Turkey for its stance for Palestine, others like Spain for its cultural ties with Arabs and even some might love the US for having friends or relatives living here.

As Music is a univeral langage and love unites souls regardless of their culture, religion, race or national identity, holding flags or banners unites activists whereever they are and merges them in one harmonious unity.

There are simple acts that can unite people all over the world for a special humanistc cause like lightening a candle in a certan time or (like it happened) setting off lights  in the cities of the world to protect environment and our mother the Earth.

Probably there is no cause on earth that united the world activist more the cause of Palestine and the Palestinian people fighting for their freedom against the racist zionist occcupation, and hence comes our project or uniting and harmonizing the world activist for Palestine; Flags For Palestine.


This project’s idea is quite simple; to fill Palestine with international flags. The reasons are as diverse as they follow:

– In first place: They have to know they are not alone, and this sole act could disconcert Israel.

– Secondly, they’ll never be able to justify the death of any Palestinian man or woman who’s armed with 2 flags.

Flag 1

– In third place, the visual shock of seeing a bright Palestine, filled with the colors that represent the whole word will change the topical perspective that many countries have of it, which is that one of a constant fight between Tanks and rocks. We want to prove there’s color, light and life in Palestine beyond the fire line.

And last but not least, it will bring people to join the cause, as no one accepts seeing innocent people being killed wearing their country’s flag.


We aim to provide visibility and make this “cause” well known by everyone, so we can dismantle that false image that the media sells about Palestinian people picturing them as terrorists, and show who really are the agents of terror.

Basically, we want  to create a bond between Palestine and the rest of the world, between its civil societies. This one gesture, easy and cheap, can become a new tool, a non-violent resistance tool to fight the racist tyrannical system in which the Palestinian people are plunged with-.


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