I think my time is up…  

After many years of state employees harassing me till my life was in ruins

My health is giving in  to the exhaustion! They' made sure keeping me busy rectifying numerous of received, fake Debt Collection Requirements and defending myself against CPS's fake accusations they've built their case against me on. 

Tossing me into endless lines of medical examinations- neurologists and useless social workers – The diagnosis of ME syndrome was already given to me!

It turns out that the woman that’s caused this, is a woman at the welfare office, her name confirmed that she’s responsible for all the medical examinations. NOT my doctor! She’s even demanded that I do a spinal sample! A long needle that is jammed into my spinal cord. This is when they FINALLY reached my limit. The result of my “no” is that the B*tch at the WELFARE OFFICE DOUBTS MY DIAGNOSIS! So now they’ve decided to stop my social security benefits as well?! On another FAKE claim that I didn’t show up for a meeting.

This gets worse! Because despite my doctor's reconfirmation of the diagnose ME, the welfare office (NAV) contacted the doctor saying they didn't require a doctor's attestation, they twist the story, and write that they "never received the papers from the doctor, because the doctor meant I was an unknown person who didn't follow up with my doctor's appointments" 

This is clearly just another lie, because the doctor called me and told me about her conversation with (NAV), but she decided to send the attestation anyway!


I just can't take this anymore! They've kept on with this charade since I first got sick 17 years back! 

So, I’ve decided to tell MY story

My mother and grandmother both died of colon cancer, this type of cancer is hereditary and the chance for this gene to be transferred to the next generation (me in this case), is 50% chance. Colon cancer builds up inside you, without symptoms, it for decades before they kick in. It’s a hormonal type of cancer, and one of the symptoms is extreme fatigue – We can’t control our hormones, can we?

I noticed there was something wrong with my stomach as early as 2010, it felt abnormal. The symptoms increased in 2012. I went for a second opinion, who just had to ‘feel’ to be able to conclude with everything being normal – just a swollen vein in my tummy he said.

I’d had enough of regular general practitioners by now

The doctor I had before ruined my life, but that’s a different story.

 From 2010 until this day, the reason for the stomach symptoms remain undiagnosed. I had to cover medical treatments like colonoscopy, price tag €500..

In 2014 a doctor named Helge Viken drew blood, and examined med for a lot of stuff, without informing me, seems he’s considered both Sjogren’s syndrome and Lupus. However, I’m told I’m anemic, and gives me Folate to increase my blood level – and ‘to be on the safe side’ he prescribed something against ulcers…


CPS described me as a hypochondriac….. The is the only thing wrong with my. stomach after all… acid.

My own research gradually increased my concern that it might be  cancer. Symptoms like anemia, and runny stomach, I’m low on calcium, I’m extremely tired…

 My stomach aches on a daily basis by now, a pain that's spreading... moving towards the lower part of my back. I can feel lumps by touching the surface, and it hurts like hell when I put pressure on it. 

Dr. Helge Viken wrote that he could feel an, approximately 1 ½ inch lump in my back. He made a note about this in his journal, and handed me a little pink post-it with the same information, but the abnormality wasn’t mentioning with a single word.

Another referral – CT scan of the stomach this time..

The x-ray doctor asked me where I felt the lump – the medical note says

“…. She pointed at an area on her back, where she claims she feels pain, but we couldn’t find anything…” 

This happened in 2014, It’s 2018 now, and my condition is getting worse.

Right now, I'm flat out on the couch, soaking wet with high fever, feeling my body weaker than I've ever been, the pain never goes away. 

On my last appointment with my gynecologist she found lumps during an ultrasound examination. This doctor both owns and is general practitioner of the clinic, she tells me

it’s  follicles…..

but the research, I’ve been FORCED to do, says she’s OBLIGATED to follow medical guidelines before she draws a conclusion on what the diagnostics.

Doctors have been draining blood from what feels like both head and ass for years, however NOW all of a sudden, they had no need for blood samples, she leaves referral to another practitioner, just to be safe.

I felt pretty sure that I was cancer-free 

But after reading my medical journal, where "Colon cancer" is written in such small letters that it seems like they dont want me to see it.... 

So, I guess I’ve got cancer! And the crazy murder-gang who kidnapped my child,  is busy covering their lying, shady business, that they actually edited‘ my medical journal!


I know it sounds like a ‘conspiracy theory‘, that’s how they save their own asses – labeling WISTLEBLOWERS crazy! 

I feel this is a very important story, because if this turns out to be cancer – chances are the end of ny journey is very near! And someone needs to hear my testimony about the HORRIBLE state Norway finds itself in. Covering each other’s crimes, I dream of the day I come back to haunt them!


I blame them!

The doctors, the social worker at NAV and  CPS caseworker, Even the police have joined in the scam, the entire amount of the inheritance after my mother’s passing – $ 50000… gone!


Thank you for killing slowly! 




🐣 Have a happy Easter every one 🐣

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