A Land That I Love !!

By: Colin Fisher

There was once a land,
It was beautiful and free,
Where all religions lived together,
Underneath the olive trees,
There was once such a place,
Until the british and the yanks turned it into a disgrace, 

Now the nation is destitute and torn,
An,open-air prison where small babies are born,
They steal your children and they steal your wives,
The pesky zionists will steal your lives.
They murder your sheep,they destroy your homes,
They refuse to tell you where they have put your ancestor’s bones,

They flout every international law,
And they imprison your children,because of what they saw,
They use rape as a deterrent,
They build walls with cememt,

But have faith Palestine, their time will come,
So you can have you’re peace
And I can have mine

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