By: Ross Meurant

As Russia pulls out of Syria a victor and is now in concert with regional powers Turkey & Iran, to build a lasting reconciliation; America languishes an unlawful unwanted occupier – once again to the cacophony; “Yankee Go Home”.

When constant Russian critic BBC (30/06/16) is reduced to conceding that Russia has emerged from this cauldron with its military and political credentials vastly enhanced, and the US is no longer the, “go to” player (BBC 27/11/17); this corroborates what is apparent to neutral observers: that Russia under Putin, has really come of age.

Having failed to intimidate Kim in North Korea, while also being undermined by his “allies” South Korea and Japan who understand well, that any nuclear exchange means that they will be consigned to the “collateral damage” of Trump’s crusade to make himself great, what must Trump do to score some points?

Clearly back home in the USA, special prosecutor Meuller is scoring more points than the President.

So, what does Trump do? He invents the “Jerusalem Solution”; a last-ditch attempt to start another war in the hope that he will finally score some points.


Of course, Israel have nukes and could make a mess of their neighbours who unite against Trump’s strategic move. But as the Chernobyl leak let Scandinavia know how bad is nuke drift, logic suggests the nuke drift from a full-scale rumble in Israel’s back yard, is not a good idea from Tel Aviv.

Which brings us back to boots on the ground: Hezbollah and Hamas and probably other locals joining in.

In which case, I decline to put my money on a military which practices beating up unarmed Palestinians.

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