“Love love to think”… independently

“Russia’s actions in Ukraine give us continued reason for deep concern. A fragile ceasefire has been signed, but Russia has not met the demands of the international community, including the immediate and complete withdrawal of all military equipment and personnel from Ukrainian territory. Russia has not shown signs that they intend To meet the demands of the international community, despite massive international pressure on Law enforcement in their acts in Ukraine”,  Foreign Minister Børge Brende said Oct.10.2014.

This is how Børge Brende explained the Norwegian government’s declaration of enforcing sanctions against Russia. He was one of the Norwegian political leaders who said he was against enforcing sanctions against israel.

A boycott will make the conflict bigger, and finding a peaceful solution harder. I belive that by building trust through dialogue and cooperation is the right approach”, Brende responded to Norwegian Union Federation’s (LO) endorsement

When LO voted to promote a national boycott of Israel, a number of the Federation members left them and signed a membership with MIFF (With israel for peace). Much of the criticism is about LO’s use of financial resources, on work within foreign conflicts, which is not their area of interest. The criticism also aimed at the Right Wing Vs. Leftist politics.

I agree..  unions that don’t have foreign politics as their agenda, shouldn’t have to take on responsibilities within foreign political issues. Their focus SHOULD BE on Norway improving the life quality for the Norwegian middle class. BUT in this case, I absolutely think that a focus on unethical company policies l- and providing safe products for the Norwegian consumer, is of interest to the Norwegian middle class. 

The Norwegian Oil Fund has invested billions in israel!

“The fund has invested nearly NOK 25 billion ( $3 03billion) in Israel, which shows the fund’s annual report for 2015, which came last week, an increase of 5.6 billion ( $6,7billion) or 30 percent – from last year.”


“In 2014, the second largest pension fund in the Netherlands took out of five Israeli banks. The reason was that they fund the construction of illegal settlements on the occupied West Bank.”Aftenposten in 22.03.2016

Promoting self-interest?

The Norwegian oil fund has grown massively, because of products manufactured by the average middle class citizen. This due to the fact that, LO normally lobby for them. 

The good wages in Norway (average monthly $5 263,67) make us able to cover the cost of public services, through our tax system. The result is an almost debt free state, and it’s given us the opportunity to; save the oil fund-capital for our generations to come. 

Since the Norwegian Union Federation have such a central role in this, they also have a huge responsibility for the constantly growing capital in the oil fund. They need to ensure that it’s invested in a way that will contribute to the local society and ALL of its citizens! 

I’ve actually asked people to add “Norway” to the boycott list (BDS list), simply because the  occupation is a direct, and increasing income source for the Norwegian state! In other words OUR investment has a catastrophic impact on the Palestinian population!

Contributes to occupation With a 50 percent ownership in Nammo, the Norwegian state earns millions that the M72 missiles are fired in Gaza.” Photo: Bjørn-Owe Holmberg / Dagbladet

I’m not a superfan of Hamas, but I am a superfan of International Law and Human Rights, and the fact that it applies to ALL – not just a few! I don’t like Donald Trump that much either, but  I I have to respect, and accept that the result of the democratic elections!

Organizing political movements like LO is one of many important rights given to us through UDHR. The Norwegian lifestyle is also good documentation of how human rights actually builds a nation’s quality and independence. But to secure this lifestyle in the future, we need to stop making using the law selectively! Inequality creates conflicts, and conflicts creates wars and destruction!

UDHR Article 7.

Everyone is equal under the law and is entitled to the same protection by law without discrimination. Everyone is entitled to the same protection against discrimination in violation of this statement and against any request for such discrimination

Ron Paul’s description of Hamas, is a good description of Hamas!

In the UN Charter are economic, diplomatic and military sanctions as a coercive measure against countries that threaten or violate the peace. This is why Børge Brende imposed sanctions restrictions against Russia in 2014.

UN Security Council,  have ALWAYS unanimously supported sanctions against israel, but in 48 of these elections, the United States’s right to veto, has stopped intervention. 

Hamas was removed from the “terror list” in 2014, They are NOT a terror organization, and an elected political party that is required to protect their population against if occupatied! The international society is also obligted to aid Hamas providing safety for a population who’s suffering under illegal occupation!

Hamas is proof that sanctions work. Yes! Hamas is under western propaganda-supportive-sanctions, and israel criminal acts paid off  March this year, 

Hamas publicly to recognized the post-67 borders. They will never recognize Israel, but israel will never to recognize Palestine either (equality before the law).


It doesn’t seem like people have enough knowledge about this issue (old news), to understand WHY we SHOULD boycott israel, so I suggest you put yourself in their situation – or do some research about the actual situation! 

Israel is NOT a democracy but an occupying entity, governed with apartheid laws.

For nearly a month now has 1600 men, women and CHILDREN been on hunger strike as political prisoners in Israeli jails. Their only demand; is to be treated in accordance with human rights convention!

Do you think a Palestinian citizen shouldn’t be detained in military jail for 5 days, for planting olive trees in Hebron, which is Palestinian Territory.

The religious myth!

The Palestinian Archbishop Atallah Hanna, is one of many Christian Palestinians suffering under occupation.

Atallah Hanna went on hunger strike May 9. 2017. He does this in solidarity with the political prisoners. 

Does this mean that it is the Israelis who are the religious extremists? They go to war to preserve a “pure Jewish state.” 

If the neighboring countries to Israel were totalitarian, and “pure Muslim states” would ISIS even existed?! 

Isn’t “purifying” a region just a different frase for “ethnic cleansing”? Isn’t ethnic cleansing an “extremist” act?!

“Accepting the demand of the right to return for millions of Palestinian refugees and their descendants, not to the Palestinian state, but to Israel, practically means a dissolution of the Jewish state,” Raphael Schutz.

As part of the international coordination of Palestinian coalition Dismantles The Ghetto Movement, as well as #AlKhalil4 I would like to thank LO for intervening, where our political elite totally has failed!

Les den norske artikkelen her:

“Elsker! Elsker det å tenke”…… SJÆL

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