London Marathon Running 4 Palestine

Mohammed AlQadi is running 4 Palestine in the the London Marathon 23 April 2017.

Mohammed AlQadi finished 6 marathons in 2016, and he’s traveling around the world to run full Marathons of 42km holding the Palestinian flag. Yes! During the whole 42km run, to spread awareness about Palestine and the Palestinian struggle.


AlQadi will be running London Marathon to support Sense to support the amazing work done by Team Sense.

Sense is a really important charity supporting children & young people with multi-sensory impairments and disabilities along with supporting their families too. Please help him raise as much as possible so he can achieve my target

£5 could buy a set of musical bells to help stimulate even the tiniest amount of a deafblind child’s hearing in music therapy

£7.50 could pay for a toy to help a deafblind child explore new sensations

£10 could pay for a stimulating fun ‘messy play’ session for a child

£30 could pay for a deafblind child to go swimming at one of our Sense family centres

£50 could help pay for one deafblind child and their family to attend a Sense Family Day

£460 could help a deafblind child and their family to access our expert services for the first time. Our early intervention is vital for the future development of children.

£680 could provide a deafblind person with a week’s holiday

£1,000 could provide two deafblind older people with an assessment to ensure they get the services that will meet their needs, breaking isolation and keeping them independent in their own home .

For more info follow AlQadi on Twitter: @ALQadiPAL

Invite your friends come to support Palestinian .

For the marathon in London….

….Palestinian “Mo” Guinness World Record attempt :

Fastest marathon dressed as a chef (male) 3:56:21 to beat!

Mohammed AlQadi, 27, will be running his 7th marathon at this year’s VMLM. A chef by day, it was the obvious choice for a costume.

AlQadi fled Palestine four years ago as a refugee, and always carries the Palestinian flag during his marathons to promote peace for his nation. Mohammed has run seven marathons in the space of a year, all fundraising for Palestinian charities.

In London he will be fundraising for Sense, a UK charity. He is very appreciative of all the UK based charities that have helped Palestine and now he wants to give something back to those suffering in the UK.

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