Arresting me only proves my point!

We will be like ghosts haunting your dreams! What can I say? I guess the Human Rights Defensers in Palestine, have more friends than the Apartheid institution that’s occupying my land!


Hebron is MY CITY, and every nation agrees with me on this! Even your asswiper friends USA held back their veto in the UN  when they voted on the expansion of Zionist settlements in my city!

Your friends might have more materialistic resources then our side, but our friends have their hearts in this issue – they fight with passion and compassion, not with selfish greed! This is why you will regret the arrest and the following torture you put me and my friends through these last days. Compassion explodes when your loved ones suffer!

We will get more supporters in the boycott campaign!  The pity people used to feel for you when you push your fake “we’re the good guys” propaganda is fading, and it’s fading fast!

Let’s pretend that an insane law said that: “Planting olive trees on Palestinian land is  a criminal offense, if violated the person planting the tree will be held responsible for their actions, and legally persecuted”


Who is stupid enough to blindly SUPPORT the authorities that makes olivetrees “Military weapons” that needs to be fought out in MILITARY COURT ROOMS!?

Your Policy of giving this barbaric regime legal impunity for so many years, is a policy that’s about to make you a global laughing stock! The global political elite and mainstream media should be warned! It’s an actual fact that  your power will fade away, in perfect harmony together with your credibility!


History tells us “humanity ALWAYS wins”! Remember this!

And with this I say the opposite of what Barack Obama said to his people!


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