Activism ~ inactivism ~ apathy 

When I realized the extent of information western media kept away from the public, and how little I knew about the “conflict” in Palestine – who already had an interest in the issue I was blown away! 
I started reading up on history, gaining more knowledge. I was joining debate groups against Zionists, and getting connections in every part of the Palestinian society. It took me one year in the international AntiZionist movement, before I started debating in Norwegian media. Why? Because this is when I had enough knowledge and experience from speaking with both sides of the “conflict”, to make a stand against my own nation. 

I’ve lost many friends after I became an activist – some who believe in the state of Israel, some who believes that questioning the norm is totally absurd, and some who simply don’t find Palestine important enough. 

But many stayed some of them jump in from time to time and call me nazi or antismenite, and yes I removed those who threaten me or take the power techniques too far. But I NEVER told anyone to leave my contacts – or called them a fake activist just because they’ve disagreed with me! Politics is exactly that talking through indifferences and developing society!

I’m from a small place, not even 3000 people living on my island. So building the network I have today takes persistence and credibility. This might be because I rarely express myself about matters I don’t have enough knowledge about – including Syria. 

If I compare Syria with Palestine based on the experience I have with western propaganda. The one I see against Assad and Putin today, combined with the military activities along the Russian border in Norway. Everyone in this game knows how the mainstream media is a tool used to justify our military actions. The media also help the system build public’s support for future attacks – like Iraq and Libya. Why should I believe that this is anything but repeating history?! 
What is “political activism”?

I started raising my voice for Palestine because the media was silent. 

A political activist is someone who is involved in the political process for the sake of promoting, impeding or raising awareness of a certain issue or set of issues. Political activism typically involves engagement beyond voting, whether through protest, demonstration or lecture

I promote BDS, I give lectures about Palestinian society and culture, I debate in social media, and post information if the occupation attack or assault, kidnap, kill Palestinian citizens. This isn’t published in western media!

I raise awareness, by holding the Palestinian flag or wearing the koffyieh on a daily basis. I try to remind people there’s an issue that is Palestine. I feel the pain with Syria, but they have the press! People are reminded on the news daily! 

Political inactivism is actually a form of activism, but one which depends to a much smaller degree on persuading and educating others; its effects are more reliable because it requires the commitment of only one person.

When I’m being social with friends I update them, teach them, and try to convince opponents. On Facebook I’ve even nicknamed myself “No-Chat” because I have to spend my time on these on the  public timeline – to promote my issues! 

If I’m only preaching to my own choir, nothing will change will it?!
Is ignoring opposition “activism”?

I usually don’t sceeendump like this, but I found this interesting. 

A facebook contact who used to be a Palestinian activist is telling everyone who disagree with him on the Syrian issue and Assad, to delete him as friend.
One thing is that; I surly hope that a general thing pro Palestinian activists have in common is; we’re all against any form of bombing.. PERIOD. Another thing is… if you can’t even convince people you met through human rights activism? Do you really have a winning argument for this issue? 

I respond politely, I don’t say I trust Assad 100%. I just say I trust him more than the media I’ve been exposing for altering the truth daily, for 3 years now. I also ask if it shouldn’t be of his best interest to get me over on his side.
Friends of his jump in to support him. By using arguments I receive from opposition in the Palestinian debate (Zionists). 

They’ll ignore me, I’m a hypocrite, a liar…. an idiot…. basically arguments from people who don’t have any arguments. 

It’s when a so called journalist jumps in I find the need to write this blog. Because in the MiddleEastern chaos the voices I trust the least are the voices in the media. 

And this man actually kinda did me a favor, by writing some of the comments above. I’ve experienced this from Norwegian journalists as well! 

I’ve never seen this guy before, and I don’t think he’s seen me.. I don’t think he knows that I’ve been very insecure about Syria until we busted a Syrian journalist for publishing fake news on our blog. The same news material that’s being published in the mainstream media. 

Rather than convincing me by going into dialogue about “Assad the brutal dictator”, he confirmed that journalists just bluntly draw conclusions without basing it on facts. 

This Ruhel Islam guy chose to call me a hypocrite and a fake ass activist instead of documenting the argument about “Assad killing more people than Netanyahu in a space of afew years”. 

Well, guess what Ruhel! I’ve never doubted that Assad has killed Syrians. I doubt the mainstream media, and the result is that I doubt who’s to blame for these acts of war! 

A tendency of political apathy 

When a citizen is indifferent in their attitude to political activities, having opinions, and their civic responsibilities. A more simplified term for political apathy would be that someone ‘cannot be bothered’

I see this status as a message from someone who doesn’t care what you stand for. What other people think of this issue is indifferent to you. Even if talking about the issue is the best way to get people on your side, it’s easier for you if they go away. You won’t waste any strength on dialogue, to persuade them that their opinion about Syria and Assad is wrong. 

As a Palestinian activist my task is working towards changing as many minds as possible! You’re mission should be the same, NOT taking shortcuts by giving ultimatums! You won’t get anywhere working lik this! 

By pointing a finger at other activists who’s leaning towards the anti-mainstream version of the war, your voice will lose it’s strength. Simply because it seems like it’s not something you’re willing to fight for.. either for lack of knowledge or because lazy, apathetic people is contagious and makes others lose interest…

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