Ahmed Dawabsha’s endless string of tragedies 

He’s life had a brutal start. Ahmed as sole survivor after his house was attacked by a Zionist settler. The boy lost his mother, his father and his 18 months old brother. 

I always say Ahmed is the strongest child I’ve ever heard of. (Foto:Eric Cortellessa Aug.24.2015)

I’ve followed his battle since a Zionist terrorist decided to hit the home where Ahmed and his brother was sleeping peacefully in their beds. Throwing that firebomb through the window, gave Ahmed wounds far deeper than the scars on his skin.

And through the struggle I’ve seen this one man by his side. His loving, caring and supporting grandfather.

Granddad holding his grandson who’s fighting the pain from both fire and grief from the loss of his family (Photo: Tsafrir Abayov Jul.22.2016)

I just got the tragic news that Ahmed’s grandfather, Hussein passed away.

“We are now the only family he has, and I will not leave his side until my final day.”

Was Hussein’s message to the Palestinian society, to the illegal settlers and the global bistanders. When he was interviewed by Times of Israel in 1016. And he kept his promise!

I’ve never seen Ahmed without his granddad by his side. Here meeting the Real Madrid stars and Ronaldo, Ahmed’s favorite soccer player
Ahmed the strongest child in the world and Hussein the strongest grandfather in the world. Two faces that carry a story of the brutal occupation – and how life is forced to go on.

My dear Ahmed! 

I want you to know that I’m so sorry for your horrible loss! I want you to know that your grandfather is a hero in my eyes, and that even if I never met him – he’ll never be forgotten.

This is in itself proof that he’ll never leave your side! He will continue holding you up when you’re feeling weak, and be the voice that carry you forward.

Right now he’s hugging your mom and dad and your little brother Ali, maybe they needed him too. They want you to live life to the fullest, and some day in the future you will meet them again!

Remember that you have a whole world of people who’s got your back! And even if I’m just a stranger from a land far far away, I’m giving you my promise!

I will never leave your side! I will always support you! If you ever need a hug, I offer you mine. If you ever need to unload, I’m ready to take the burden! 

My deepest condolences to you and your family ❤

Hussein Dawabsha may you Rest In Peace! 

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