Fight for Human rights and freedom in Hebron city – Palestinian Territories 

A Call for Solidarity Campaign:

A coalition between Palestinian human rights organizations, popular resistance movements and political organizations. We are asking global pro Palestinian activists, to join us in our campaign to save the oppressed Palestinian population in Hebron!

This is an awareness campaign to put pressure on the international political leaders, and the occupation to remove the Zionist settlements, and military outposts under constant growth.

Apartheid is illegal no matter where it’s practiced, but Hebron is Palestinian Territories! The occupation is therefore in violation of every peace agreement, and their tactics from the occupation violates every human right law ever written.

We want you to: 

  1. Print out this picture 
  2. Take a picture with you holding it like Stefanie in this picture (we would love it if you take the photo outside of the Israeli embassy in your country)
  3. Post it on your timeline with the hashtag #DismantleTheGhetto
  4. Send the picture on private message to Solveig Staal or Palestine Momentum on Facebook (with your name and nationality)
  5. The picture will be forwarded and published on the #DismantleTheGhetto site on Facebook

Dismantle the Ghetto Campaign’s initiative:
PLO parties (Fatah, PFLP, DFLP, PPP, etc)
Colonization and Wall Resistance Commission,
Human Rights defenders group,
Hebron Defense Committee,
Youth Against Apartheid,
Hebron Governorate,
Defense Children International,
Hebron Rehabilitation Committee,
Palestinian National Initiative,
Tal Errumaida and Shuhada Street Committee

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