Palestinian freedom fighters from hebron along with international solidarity groups! Together we’re building a storm, and hope it will give a groundbreaking aftershock!

To make the impact as hard as possible, we need as many as possible to join us!

The most powerful tool we have as pro-Palestinian activists is social media, but in 2017 another powerful weapon is fashion and trends. By combining these we get a weapon so strong, it can knock out the deadliest machine guns. We call this weapon a “Twitterstorm” .

No weather forecast have ever been more precise than this:

#DismentalTheGhetto reaches the Twitter Cyberspace : All-day* Feb. 24.2017

(The storm will also hit other networks like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn etc.)

Why we need to #DismantleTheGhetto?


The main goal with this campaign is dismantle illegal Zionist occupation colonial outposts from the heart of Alkhalil City, better known as Hebron.

The Palestinian population is fighting to keep their homes and their culture – We’re talking about history, with roots that go back thousands of years.
The second you build walls with aim to segregate and suppress. When you have the will, the power, and a plan to establish an apartheid state.

Another part of society ends up losing their basic human rights, sense of security, individual dignity and human value.
No one would accept this without protesting the abuser and defending these rights.  

Remember what you teach your children; “If you’re being silent about injustice, you accepting injustice!”
Our so called “independent”, mainstream media turned the blind eye on Palestine a long time ago. They created an illusion of an “illegal occupant bringing nothing but rays of sunlight to the Middle East. The illegal settlements is a  midsummer’s breeze, surrounded by chilly snow- and thunderstorms.

It becomes OUR responsibility to show the world truth!

By creating a thing we call “hashtag trends“,  we create fashion in our cyber-world. When we create fashion, people’s trend seeking curiosity  will surface. They need to be part of this trend and share it, to show you’re “in style”.

The impact of the storm will be build higher awareness to our cause, and change perspective with the uninformed –

If we’re persistent we’ll manage show them; why they need to help us in our fight to “Dismantle the Ghetto in Hebron”!
Twitterstorms can help us shift the mainstream perspective. And after this storm, we hope an impact so perfect that the strength of the aftershock hits so hard  – It forces our political leadership to  change course and move the illegal settlers out of Hebron!!

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