The American exceptionalism !!

Sami, The Bedouin.

Dear Arab brothers and sisters ,
Dear Muslim Brothers and sisters,
Dear fellows in humanity,

I bet it would be a bit hard for the Arabs and Muslims to understand the American morals, and accordingly the American politics, and here I am trying to explain how can you understand us and hence forgive our “foolishness” and “barbarism”.

behead Were did ISIS learn beheading from?

exceptionalism !!

Don’t think that exceptionalism can be picked at the side walk, it needs a lot of energy, efforts and exerted work to achieve that. We spent billions to get that; we recruited professional historians, sociologists, psychologists and criminality experts, we held conferences and discussion circles to formulate the American “exceptionalism”. We wanted our people to be proud of an imaginary reality (away from our bloody history) that no other nation can be proud of. Egypt can be proud of its Pyramids, Iraq can be proud of…

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