Dramatic Increase In Crime Rates In The Gaza Strip

Every time I want to write any topic about living in Gaza, I find myself compelled to talk about the political situation and how it affected our lives’ conditions and this bla bla bla, which I myself got sick of. We may escape from thinking in all this complicated situation, but we cannot escape from facing this reality every single day.

I believe our society is living challenging period with many new issues and problems, the one I’m writing about here is the high rate of crimes ( including murder crimes, theft crimes and rape crimes) and suicide cases, which could rarely happened in the past or to be precise before 2007 such accidents were uncommon in Gaza society to this extent.

I as a member in this society just can’t turn a blind eye for the degeneration in the kind of the social life and manners happened in Gaza Strip in this period due to the poverty, unemployment, siege, and the lack in everything needed for the basics of the daily life which caused from my own point of view the condition of  deep depression and desperate among the people. The latest report I had read was published in 2015, it showed that the rate of unemployment in Gaza Strip is 60% and I’m sure now it had exceeded this percentage.

What we are expecting now?

Actually, No expectations , we just have hopes.

By reference to what I mentioned above about the high rates of crime and suicide cases, unfortunately I couldn’t find any updated statistics or published reports showing any clear numbers, but you know what is the most interesting thing about the Gaza Strip?

The most interesting thing about the Gaza Strip community, is that all of the people know each other, it is a small area in comparison to other cities in the world and that Gaza Strip is indeed a closed area with people have a lot of free time to talk about each other’s news and events. So that, when a crime happens in the southernmost, in less than one hour people living in the far north will know about it.

In average, personally I can tell that one murder crime happens every 2 months and of course this is an objectionable matter when comparing this to the period before 2007 as almost we could hear about one or two murder crimes in the whole year.


This situation is simply frustrating as this kind of crimes is raising every day and it is really out of control, even applying execution judgments on murderers didn’t  stop such crimes because we must note that in addition to the high rate of crime there is also a high rate of addiction to different types of drugs too. It was proved too that almost all the murderers, thieves and other criminals were addicted to drugs as announced in few police reports here in Gaza.

This article is addressed to the local government in Gaza Strip as they approved their failure in controlling the situation for reasons might be in or out their control, but undoubtedly they must create new methods in fighting crime depending on psychology as I believe the non-ended circle of violence the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip are living in since 2007 affected them badly.

My hopes for Fateh and Hamas may seem naive and childish, but I really hope they may put an end for their political conflicts and think about the people here in Gaza, who are living in an inhuman conditions due to their conflicts.

Finally, I have hopes that the international community  and human rights organizations may contribute in showing the real truths about the reality in Gaza Strip and help in reforming this inhuman situation in Gaza Strip.

2 thoughts on “Dramatic Increase In Crime Rates In The Gaza Strip

  1. I was born and raised in Gaza , and I am aware of what I am about to say is easier for me ,being outside than for those whom are Samedeen ( resisters) in the inside. I don’t know how so many of are able to do it ,but I do take my hat off for all of you, and I admire your resilient attitude in spit of the tremendous conditions. We all need to stop this sentiments of factions and division, as this is exactly what the ruthless enemy have worked tirelessly on for many years. We need to support and encourage our humanity – which I know many of you have done- instead our divid to support this faction or that faction, Were we all become counter productive in confronting each other instead of the enemy and the imposed condition on all of us. It’s mainly you in the inside, but they also control our movement and capabilities to freely come to Gaza to be with family and friends. which normally will provide -at the least- a moral and psychological support , and on cases some financial support when one can. Israel is an evil entity and they purposely have done that in the worst inhumane manners. So, in short, you are doing a great job, and you all will prevail sooner or later, as Israel will self destruct by its own actions, which is very unfortunate for the innocent Jewish people who live there now and have bought the brain washing propaganda that the Zionists sold to the world and their biggest victims are Jews themselves . There is a light at the end of the tunnel, as some of those Jews are waking up and realizing that they have been dubbed themselves in their strife to a home land. Peace and love to all Gazans!

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