Racist, Anti Islamic hairdresser had foster kids 

I don’t think many of you’ll be surprised when I say islamophobia is growing and showing, and tonight I’ve seen this in the most bizarre debate – ever!

You might remember this woman? She’s  just lost in court for refusing a Muslim as costumer in her salon.

There’s nothing about Barnevernet that surprises me anymore, this was just a lucky coincidence that will help me show you the true face- or should I say false face of Barnevernet?

In the decision on my case CPS states that “the mother is politically active supporting Palestine, in the Palestine – Israel conflict in social media, and has a blog with the same topic”. The first time I confronted them with this argument they ended the meeting, when I asked if they took the children away from our political leadership as well.

The second time I confront them with this… well, it’s coming now (I’m sure they keep tags on me)!

The people I’ve debated tonight don’t like Muslims and this seems to be of high degree, so high that they suddenly change their opinion about foster care and who’s gonna raise our children.

I don’t hate Muslims I can dislike a person that happens to be Muslim, but not because of the person’s faith. I’m quite proud of my Muslim friends, what they endure and how they stand against  all the ignorance and hate. But right now I have to say:

 “parents should be allowed to teach their own child what ever they feel is right, as long as they aren’t giving their children an extremist and violent behavior”.

So in this case I allowed my opposition to “hate Muslims”, because there’s another issue we should worry about.

The hairdresser’s physical insulting act of humiliation towards another human being however, is a big deal!

I’m a political activist, yes. The difference between me and Hodne on the other hand, is that she goes beyond words and acts and inflicts pain on another human being as a result of her ideology. This is in other words an political extremist. I’m radical, yes! But I would never commit a criminal offense to reach my goal!

One thing is that they took away her “license” to be a foster mother, another thing is that ! she was approved as foster mother ! The fact that she’s becoming world famous for her racist acts now, doesn’t mean she a “newbie” racist! This extremist ideology didn’t just appear in one day!

This woman has been a member of Pegida for a long time. Held speeches  in front of people, hoping more people will start judging and acting like her, towards a whole group of people based on one thing – their faith! And this woman is approved as a foster mother?

When people say Hodne is allowed to have her opinion, I agree she is and so am I, and she’s allowed to tell her kids that it’s okay to be a racist, because in the end that child has a birth right to be with her mother.

A foster child has no birth right to be with Hodne. This is a child in the middle of a serious personal tragedy and just had a traumatic experience in its life! Worst case scenario this could be a Muslim child. Is CPS able to take that suffering child from her parents and give it to this woman? I don’t think anyone is less capable of taking care of a child than this woman. Not when it comes to morals, knowledge or most importantly compassion.

A foster home is supposed to respect and give a child a sense of safety and support, with Hodne this comes with conditions! 

How is it “in best interest of the child”, to live in an extremist household?! A household sharing hostile words towards a whole religious group is bad enough even if it’s to your own child! Mainstream media shows that she’s WAY more active than (once again) me. And she’s active in a way that makes her a convicted criminal, CPS really see her more fit to raise my daughter than I am? The child CPS claims is victim of serious neglect, and is “in danger of future damage in educational and social development”!? Hodne is more fit to do this than me?! SERIOUSLY!?

Out of thousands of foster homes around the world, how many are like this one?! If the insulted woman hadn’t reported this incident to the police, Hodne would never have ended up as a “world famous racist” – her services would still be welcomed.
This is just another evidence of the official  “child-meat market” authority, Barnevernet Norway is! Beware, if you give CPS room for it, your child could end up being raised by extremists like her!

Oh! And as a side note- the children that were under Hodnes care? Their back with their parents! ❣️SAFE AND SOUND❣️

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