Boycott Apartheid in Palestine !

Please invite all your friends to this event and have them sign the letter here: Then SHARE and TWEET! Netanyahu will visit the Dutch parliament this Wednesday and we say #Netanyahu_not_welcome and we ask all members of parliament to #SkipTheSpeech

Our campaign on Facebook 
You can tweet from the DocP page as much as you like, just make sure you alter the tweet every time you tweet from there. Always use the #SkipTheSpeech and of course the link to the page. You can write your tweet in any language you want!

Please sign this to send an email to all Dutch members of parliament to ask them to #SkipTheSpeech of Netanyahu, this coming Wednesday.  #NetanyahuNee #Netanyahu_not_welcome

Please share widely!  We need them to know, many of us are addressing this demand to their conscience! You can also tweet from the page!

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