Terrorism Has No Religion

Now “Terrorism ”  is the age most controversial term, What would be the reference in defining this term? Western or Eastern references?  Religious or non-religious reference ? The argument in this situation is not fair for any side because everyone is defining terrorism according to his own beliefs  or to what extent he is targeted by  terrorist actions.

Yet, the definition of terrorism from my point of view would be: “any act causes the death or injury of any innocent and armless human being, causes fear and panic for any secured human being or even any creature, and causes destruction to the planet we are living on . ”


Am I Muslim or Christian or Jewish  or  Buddhist or even Atheist ?  You may ask if it matters, yes it does matter because every single reader will judge what I’m writing according to my religion or even my nationality forgetting that the common thing between every breathing soul is “Humanity” . Our earth turned to a burning planet because of the human desires, greed, arrogance and ego . Everyone want to fulfill his physical and psychological needs on the behalf of others no matter how many people are dying or suffering. Humans are not responsible for anyone’s beliefs and not obliged to tolerate any inhuman condition.

Look around you everywhere; Europe, USA, Middle East, Africa and Asia people are being killed for racist reasons. Racism is the engine of hatred and evil inside every human spirit, it is obvious from every conflict, war and crisis; in specific religious racism, political racism, economical racism, social racism, ethnic racism and racism based on skin color or nationality. No one is accepting the others as they are and everyone want to role the world according to his beliefs. It is insane, we were created different. Every nation has its distinguished stereotype and simply no one could ever impose his thoughts over anyone else even those who were born from the same father and mother are really different in shape, behavior and manners. The constant conflict between the different nations throughout history proved the truths ” No one has ever accepted to be ruled by force , violence is a non-ended circle and people are the victims of their rulers’ own desires” . Indeed I believe to put an end for the human toll, the flowing bloodbath and the massive destruction we as human beings all over the world must look into the depth of our hearts to awaken our human senses and refuse being fragmented into different groups, we all humans and we are all against terrorism.


Eventually I may write down my calls for this world’s leaders;

Stop Racism

Stop Fighting by the name of any religion

Stop attacking civilians anywhere

Stop sectarian wars

Stop ethnic cleansing

Stop the Israeli aggression

Stop Iraq war

Stop Syria war

Stop Yemen war

Stop Libya war

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