Muhammad and Jesus: Blasphemous Thoughts !!!

Sami, The Bedouin.

Muhammad and Jesus, who’s the “liar” then?

“What a fool Musaylimah, the liar!” my cousin said laughing mockingly.

“What?” I asked knowing the whole story.

“He invented a silly quran and wanted to divert the Muslims from Islam.”

“And do you think that a man, an army commander that could lead over 40,000 fighters, and who could convince some of Muhammad’s (صلى الله عليه وسلم PBUH) friends to follow him, is a fool? And do you think that the silly verses you are repeating are really his?” I said in a decisive way.

“But he’s a liar!” he rejected what I said.

“You think he was a liar. He was a courageous leader, anyway” I said trying to close the silly discussion.

MUSMusaylimah “the liar” as presented in one of the Arab drama series.

Musaylimah, “the liar” as Muslims refer to him, was an ambitious tribal leader who alleged (in…

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