Dining with the Posters !!

Sanaa  Balboul, a Palestinian woman from Bethlehem, Though has a great family but she sits alone to break her Ramadan fasting surrounded by the posters of her family members, in her house in Bethlehem.

860x484 (1)
Sanaa Balboul… dining alone with the posters

A Special zionist undercover assassination unit assassinated her husband Ahmad Balboul along with other 3 Palestinians in 2008. Since then she has had to face life alone and raise her 3 children the best she can, and she did.

The israeli occupation forces arrested her  14-years old daughter Noran Balboul  at a zionist checkpoint between Bethlehem and Jerusalem. After a heated discussion with the zionist soldiers, Noran was beaten, interrogated and arrested as she still in jail to this moment.

Noran before she was arrested

Two months later, early this week, her home was raided at night and her two sons were arrested; Mhammad, a 26 years old dentist, and Mahmoud a 21 years old student at the Police Academy in Jericho.

Both were arrested together and detained administratively without any charge, for a renewable period of six months.

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Muhammad Balboul; 26 years old dentist, and his younger brother Mahmoud, 21 years old, a police academy student.

Sanaa now sits at her empty house breaking the Ramadan fast alone surrounded by the posters of her family members recalling and repeating hard times when she had and still has to face life alone away from her beloved ones.

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