Dimona Nuclear Reactor: Basic Facts


Geographic Location: 

  1. Located in the Negev Desert, occupied Palestine.
  2. Located in a geographically unstable land, close to the Jordan Valley (Afro-Asian Rift)
  3. Formed of 10 floors buried underground and divided into several specialized sections.

Topographic location

Brief History:

  1. Established (by France) in 1957 in accordance to a secret agreement between France and the zionists government.
  2. Started operating in December 1963.
  3. in 1986, the zionist nuclear expert Mordachai Vanunu leaked documented information accompanied by over 60 photos that were published in a British newspaper.


Securing the reactor: 

  1. the reactor is shielded against all kinds of attacks and all its vital sections are buried underground.
  2. It is air-covered and protected with a modern Radar-net all the time, in addition to a ready net of  Hock Missiles.
  3. Ready system of interception aircrafts from the adjacent Dimona airport.
  4. One of the most protected zone with Early Warning Satellite System of AWACS aircraft


  1. Ability to produce 40 Kilograms of Plutonium annually.
  2. Ability to produce 8 kilograms of Uranium monthly.
  3. The reactor has already produced over 200 nuclear bombs.

Human resources: 

  1. there are 2700 workers (scientists and technicians) in the reactor, but only 150 have access to the vital sections.


  1. Dimona Reactor has got into the strategic risk stage as its potential duration has expired in 1994.
  2. Cracks has appeared in its walls and bases which makes it a potential ecologic and human disaster. (Chernobyl Disaster
  3. Lots of cancer defect cases appeared in the adjacent inhabited areas (bedouins) due to possible nuclear radiation.
  4. More than 1537 construction defects have been reported lately.


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Adapted by: Sami, the bedouin 

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