Top Secret, A CIA controlled Zone !

Sami, The Bedouin.

This happened in Ramallah/ Palestine a few days ago:

He went to his work in a “ministry” in Ramallah and in less than an hour he came back, it wasn’t 9am yet when he came to find his roommate (who works in the private sector) still at home.

-“What’s wrong? Why you are back so early?” his friend asked surprised.

-“The server is down and they asked us to leave and rest for the day.”

-“Oh really? What about Nizar? What is he doing there? He’s genius. He can fix all the servers of the Middle East in a few minutes.” His friend asked.

-“He was also asked to leave. They don’t want anybody to be there especially Nizar.” He replied looking down on the floor.

-“Who are “they” you are talking about?” his friend asked.

-“it is the CIA staff, man.”

-“What about the “minister”? What did he say?”

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