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The blessed month of Ramadan is upon us.

Here at iMPACT we have started The Ramadan Food Package Program to help families struggling to provide food in Gaza, Palestine, Jordan and Syria.

We need your help to “kickoff”  of this program! This will help us provide food to as many families as possible that’s in need of help to celebrate and enjoy this tradition. A month they so deeply need in their otherwise pointless life. Absolutely every donation will be charished by the families that get their Ramadan Food Package, so all donations matter and would be great appreciated from iMPACT. Please donate and share to those less fortunate than us.

Thank you & please help further by spreading this 
Help Provide Nourishing Meals to Needy Families ♥…/help-provide-nourishing-meals-…

Jazakum Allahu Khayrun
Support ‘Help Provide Nourishing Meals to Needy Families’ by donating or sharing today!
Generosity is about compassion—not fees.

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