The UNRWA and The Roots of Our Ongoing Nakba !!

Sami, The Bedouin.

67 years of the UNRWA history of directing and managing the disaster of the Palestinian refugees should be studied again in a different way than the hypocritical one of the UN !!! 67 years of the Palestinian misery that is not only going on but deteriorating and deepened in lots of places of the diaspora other than Gaza !! Why has the UNRWA failed in its “humanitarian” work? To what extent is the UNRWA itself responsible for founding and creating the Palestinian ongoing suffering? What has been the real role of the UNRWA since it was founded ?

In order to understand the role of the UNRWA in managing, if not participating in creating our eternal misery, a critical way of thinking and analyzing is needed. There is an urgent need for a historic preview and review for the core of the UNRWA’s “benevolent” aids. When and who established the…

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