68 Years of the Palestinian Ongoing Nakba !

Rashid Shahin

Nakba, in Arabic, simply means, Catastrophe, or Tragedy; for Palestinians, it is the most tragic nightmare to happen to a whole nation in modern history.

The irony is that while Palestinian commemorating the 68th anniversary of their Catastrophe, the Palestinian exodus, Israelis celebrate what they call “independence day”.


The wonder is how people can celebrate what they call independence while they know that this was on the account of others people tragedy, a celebration that reflects the sick and twisted minds of such celebrators.

This independence was achieved only after expelling Palestinians from their lands. Over 750.000 citizens were forced out of their homes, at least 450 cities, towns and villages were evacuated, dozens of towns and villages were demolished and more than 24 massacres were committed against innocent people. Thousands of people were killed.

On May 15 1948, after decades of oppression by the British forces and confrontations between…

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