I dedicate World Journalist Day to TRUE JOURNALISM

The reason I started Palestine Momentum because of Norwegian  broadcasting, and their lack of coverage from Palestine in 2014. I realized that they covered the part where they had no choice but to cover, the part when Mads Gilbert was in the center of the action. After he left they left, and this is why I’ve stopped seeing Norwegian journalism as TRUE journalism.

Occupational pride

I know many journalists both domestic and abroad and just as they have one thing in common, their profession. They also have one thing that divides them in quality, and that is… “PROFESSIONAL PRIDE”


Hatiham Khatib is a friend of mine in Palestine, he’s been risking his life daily to show the world Israeli crimes.

 Hatiham have their integrity intact as professionals. He sticks to his ethical obligation as a journalist by keeping his work in tone with society. He’s got integrity because he shows how he’s are willing to risk his live to tell the truth


The most important job the Israeli occupational authorities have is the part  that keeps the western society from seeing  the truth. And only today this job ended up with 3 injured journalists, and the fact that these journalists aren’t mentioned in the western media is why they aren’t trusted anymore



At the moment 19 journalists is punished in the occupations prison camps. This happens in a nation western media calls a democracy?


When the ship to  Gaza, Marianne was boarded and two Norwegian journalists was kidnapped and one of them sexually assaulted, our media had one didn’t have any critical questions to the embassy, or follow up rapports on the crimes done to their  colleagues where subjected to. This to me shows how low the ethical responsibility to put pressure on powerful institutions and EXPOSE persecution and criminal state policies, you don’t even  expose the ones breaking the law of your journalistic freedom


Is this how you honer the 21 journalists that’s been killed by Israeli occupation since 2000? The ones who are willing to sacrifice their life for their citizens? If you honer them with silence, you don’t deserve a day where we honer you!

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