Zionists “Aiding” Palestine for “Peace”: A Canadian Story !!

Sami, The Bedouin.

This story is of a Canadian woman who prefers to stay anonymous:


My story: 

First, let me explain the whole matter from a personal viewpoint simply because my awareness of Palestine and the Palestinian-israeli conflict came through an extended personal experience. 

I have had a Palestinian friend here in Toronto/Canada for years now as we faced the same problem together from the very beginning. 

My friend is from Gaza (originally refugee from Yaffo-Telaviv as his family was ethically cleansed) and he came here as a student and later settled in here. He is extremely smart and sharp. He was very active for Palestine and an excellent orator as he used to organize public events and meetings spreading the word of Palestine. He caught the attention of everybody here including students, the staff and the local community, and of course the pro-israeli…

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