Mohammad JD does more than Western leaders combined!



To all of those who helped pitch in some money to help me help the Syrian refugees in Greece.


THANKS a ton to UIC SNA, and thanks a ton to all of those who watched and shared the video also!!! You guys don’t know how much this means! We were able to buy a ton of medications!

What’s to follow?

Next week, we will feed 5000+ refugees in Idomeni camp as we have partnered up with an awesome organization which provides really good food everyday. Also, we are going to be supplying protein/energy bars every morning to Eko camp which is composed of 2500 people. We will supply eko camp for 2 weeks worth and possibly longer. Lastly, we are covering basic needs for the refugees (bug repellent, sun tan lotion, children’s vitamins, tooth brushes, hygiene kits, etc..)

Please stay tuned for more projects and thanks a ton for your support!

Keep in mind, these people need these basic things.. these are very basic supplies that are badly needed as the weather gets worse and good hygiene becomes harder to manage..


♥ Peace and love ♥

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