A question about guardianship

My dream over all dreams is to find THE way that will bring Palestine to freedom and justice. It’s almost two years since Palestinian Authorities signed with ICC, and they started investigations of crimes against humanity in Gaza, I would think UN have investigators that are able to cover these evidences faster then two years before they can take the well proven case of occupation and genocide to ICC.

Palestinians fall between two categories

My interpretation of International law puts Palestinians between two legal groups. If you have this field of expertese, and disagree I’d appreceate if you correct me!


“What is the difference between a stateless person and a refugee?”

A key element of the definition of a refugee is that he or she has a well-founded fear of persecution. Being stateless does not necessarily signify persecution” …..” Stateless person must also be outside of his or her country of habitual residence”… “However, statelessness is often a root cause of forced displacement.”

The cities Palestinians are  born in is categorized as “refugee camps“. This gives more freedom to the international leaders when it comes to acceptence of the occupational treatment of an occupied territory.

The reason for this is that the refugee camp makes them stateless people. If stateless people had equal rights in a legal matter. They wouldn’t have a an “add-on” to the UDHR.

This is a section i really feel points directly at the Palestinians and “terror accusations”, that we are responsible

“Does the 1954 Convention compel a State to grant stateless persons entry and/or residence?”

“No. The 1954 Convention does not oblige States to admit stateless persons to their territory. However, in practice, there may be no possibility of return to the country of former habitual residence of the individual concerned or there may be no such country. In such cases, admission to the State and some type of legal stay may be the only solution.”

The 6000 refugee children missing in Germany is evidence enough to prove that a refugee camp, or asylum isn’t safe. Can you imagine how unsafe Gaza refugee camp is? Because that’s what Gaza is, on the other hand Israeli officials call it a consentration camp.

This fact makes me wonder about the posability for legal guardianship. The Palestinian population have, in theory been declared incompetent – do you find it credible that 70% of the Palestinian population voted for Netanyahu last election? And the reason for the change of heart is;  the promise that there won’t be a two-state solution?

We know that organizations are using the guaridian already. A guardian are responsible to pay for tuition for school in these cases. But I have a feeling that a Palestinian first and formost needs justice. Because this occupation will never end if not.


So wouldn’t it be possible to organize a legal guardianship for Palestinians aswell? Both underaged Palestinians and adults that’s been illegally occupied and in that process become incompitent to live  as a normal adult in a normal society?


If as many of the Palestinian supporters where to gether a movement that each payed $50 MAX + the price for documentation of legal guardianship.

For a couple of month got daily updates from parents. One person responsible for the human rights violated against the one person they are legally responsible for. The rest of the money where to be put in an account for lawyer fees, and all guardians TOGETHER filed a lawsuit agains the Israeli occupation.


Do you think ICC would be as slow, and as subjective in that case?



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