The Psychological Foundings Of Suicide Bombers: A Palestinian Approach !!

Sami, The Bedouin.

In early 1998, I was asked by a Palestinian “friend” if I can do an “academic” research for a Palestinian “Human Rights” organization about the suicide bombers. They were looking for an “academician” who can formulate a “coherent” study of the “suicide bombers”. My “friend” told me that the “offer” (as if talking of a business deal) is so generous and all the expenses are covered plus a huge amount of money… and all is “academic research”….. I wrote of that here explaining the reasons why I refuse that “fat” offer, but this time I am more into the founding mentality of the “suicide bombers” !!


The ever first “suicide bomber” here in Palestine is highly appreciated by almost everyone and looked at as a “divine God”. I didn’t meet him personally, but as a child I was repeatedly told of his story that is filled with heroism and…

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