#Breaking! Global warming won’t kill you, you’re selfishness will!

If the men and women hired in a role as protectors of civil society enforcing law and order migrated to occupied territories where they sign up for a job to uphold that occupation, then they will create chaos!

The natural consequences of their work will be a living hell for civilization. A consequence we lived under experienced living under for 5 years, and still “fear” will happen again!

A Canadian woman gets a softhanded version of the “Arab treatment”

The woman is hired to look at how the working for the human rights commission…. The world has become so self-centered that this is acceptable, we blame it on “the conflict has two sides” when we choose not to use energy by raising your voice!?

What the f–k is wrong with people?! Sitting silently because you’d rather have materialistic good? I guess the people who decided to write numbers on a piece of paper have reached their goal?

They don’t care who they trample on they care about themselves! Who ever gets in their way will be punished!

What if they want Norway… ah screw it! We’d deceive it in that case….. every democracy would…. Your supporting these acts of you’re being quiet about them!! Islam didn’t create ISIS, the ones creating these peoples will to kill is YOU! You and your will to let us kill them! I’m ashamed of being a part of the so called western democracies, I was not raised to live in a nation who’s only goal was success for oneself but for the world!

Grow up and speak out!

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