Gaza’s stand-up comedy

Now it is the age of technology and globalization. Gaza always has its place in any field and now it is having a place in stand-up comedy shows. The new generation definitely has its own style and thoughts, which differ a lot from the old generation.

As one person of this new generation I can tell that life is becoming claustrophobic not only because of politics, but also because of the traditional style of life and the old thoughts and beliefs. It is such pressure to live in a society ruled by old fashion ideas and for sure it is a great struggle to break these rules in an acceptable manner. So you don’t turn to be troubles maker in the society. I can assure you that lots, if not most, of the local old traditions and norms don’t follow the true essence Islam, and even sometimes contradict and challenge Islam.

Modern challenging trends become the way in which youth can express their different thoughts and objections over any issue to break through into now horizons. Social Media had provided a wide space for them to create their own atmosphere away from what society think and dictates. Stand-up comedy  requires special performance skills and abilities which enable its presenter to be a comedian critic and acceptable in the same time. It provides a frame for the “stand-up” comedian to criticize social paradigm in a funny and acceptable way.

What other personal skills besides a being courageous personality does it require to start your own stand-up comedy show? Basically, you got to have your own Youtube channel, Facebook page, video camera and reasonable budget. Yes, it is just that simple, which allows many guys in Gaza to start their own programs and channels. Mahmoud Zuaiter  got his fame and place in this domain creating his own show Bas-ya-zalma, (But, Oh, man!)  he is one of numerous guys who proved themselves in stand-up comedy shows in local events and ceremonies.

Mahmoud Zu’aiter


Up to date these youth depended on their own hard work and there wasn’t any governmental or institutional sponsoring for these initiatives. Even in West Bank there was one program called “Watan3Watar” that was showed on the official Palestine TV channel, but it was stopped for criticizing the government and its policies. These guys turned now to work with Jordanian media production companies and Radio stations.

Back to Gaza, you may be interested to know the subjects they talk about in these shows; it is allowed to handle social phenomena and issues, but for sure politics is a “Taboo” subject unless you talk in general without mentioning certain politicians or the VIPs personages.


Any government can’t tolerate the stand-up comedy shows easily after the Famous Egyptian comedian Bassem Youssef who was one of the factors behind the overthrow of the previous Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi and his government. We hope one day we get the freedom of speech and expression that allows youth or even anybody to discuss any problem.

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