The only documents needed to prove the crime the “State” of Israel is!

In an article titled, “The israeli Terrorist State and its Mossad Assassins,” the late professor Israel Shahak, a Holocaust survivor, and chairman of the Israeli League for Human and Civil Rights from 1970 until 1990, famously wrote: “There is nothing new in the fact that Israel is a terrorist state, which, almost from its inception, has used its intelligence service (the Mossad) to assassinate people on foreign soil with any violence or terror it considers necessary for its ends.”

“israel is a terrorist state by definition.” Noam Chomsky.
It is time to call things by their right name and expose what is taking place on the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Israel, with the support of the United States, is carrying out a policy of assassinations that has as its aim the destruction of the political infrastructure of the Palestinian national movement.
There is no need to dig deep to prove that Israel is a Terrorist State …. Just look at its violent atrocities on the ground and collect the Israeli and Jewish criticism against their own state; it is actually a terrorist state and from its inception was based on terror.

The sources that have a death-penalty to both share and read here you go!

I’ve repeated these documents over and over… and I’m getting tired of standing still. So I’m gonna copy and paste the only documents I need to show that Israel was a criminal state in the planning – long before 1945.
The dialogue between the Palestinian Mandate (~The Official Report of debates in Parliament) and His Majesty’s Government is doc.1:
This dialogue tells me no such state “Israel” exists on the ground of breaking declarations  already  made. No Palestinian leader has signed of land to Britain and the UN
LORD ISLINGTON had given Notice to move, That the Mandate for Palestine in its present form is unacceptable to this House, because it directly violates the pledges made by His Majesty’s Government to the people of Palestine in the Declaration of October, 1915, and again in the Declaration of November, 1918, and is, as at present framed, opposed to the sentiments and wishes of the great majority of the people of Palestine; that, therefore, its acceptance by the Council of the League of Nations should be postponed until such modifications have therein been effected as will comply with pledges given by His Majesty’s Government.
You don’t need to dig deep in a book to find out why it’s written.. Yes! The Talmud is grotesque, but (and sorry if I offend you) so are the Bible, and the Quran they were written in an age where grotesque was normal.. I would never use the original context to judge a person.
The preface of an edit of the books (pg.1-20) is enough for me.. at least with the Talmud that was translated and edited in 1918! 15 pages and i get a totally new perspective !
When it is remembered that before the canon of the Talmud was finished, in the sixth century, 1 it had been growing for more than six hundred years, and that afterward it existed in fragmentary manuscripts for eight centuries until the first printed edition appeared; that during the whole of that time it was beset by ignorant, unrelenting, and bitter foes; that marginal notes were easily added and in after years easily embodied in the text by unintelligent copyists and printers, such a theory as here advanced seems not at all improbable.
The book has been edited and still barbaric content is present
Amid its bitter enemies and weak friends the Talmud has suffered a martyrdom.
Islamic words used in hostile way… this is a form of indoctrination
We see this use of Islamic words in western media today… they take a word with a positive meaning in Arabic, and change it to a threat against Western society!
In other words, we have merely removed from the text those accretions that we added from outside sources, which have proven so fruitful a source of misunderstanding and misrepresentation.
Proven fruitful? Isn’t this promoting fake propaganda?
“he who comes to purify receives divine help,” and that in our task of removing the additions made by the enemies of the Talmud we shall be purifying it from the most fruitful source of the attacks made on
purify cleans
remove delete
fruitful attacks effective onslaught
The most remarkable quote… Chew on this one.
… this is my last quote from 1918..

…The attacks on the Talmud have not been made by the enemies of the Jews alone. Large numbers of Jews themselves repudiate it, denying that they are Talmud Jews, or that they have any sympathy with it. Yet there are only the few Karaites in Russia and Austria, and the still fewer Samaritans in Palestine, who are really not Talmud Jews. Radical and Reform, Conservative and Orthodox, not only find their exact counterparts in the Talmud, but also follow in many important particulars the practices instituted through the Talmud, e.g., New Year’s Day, Pentecost (so far as its date and significance are concerned), the QADDISH, etc. The modern Jew is the product of the Talmud,

  1. xii

Whit we shall find is a work of the greatest sympathies, the most liberal impulses, and the widest humanitarianism. Even the Jewish defenders have played into the enemy’s hands by their weak defences, of which such expressions as “Remember the age in which it was written,” or “Christians are not meant by ‘gentiles,’ but only the Romans, or the people of Asia Minor,” etc., may be taken as a type.

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