Double Ali

Unique stories happen only in Palestine, where every minute has a meaning and every child is a hero, every mother is sacrificial, every father is a root to the tree of freedom .
They were born in the same day, they were martyred in same day. This is not a fairy tale, it is a story actually happened and might happen as long as the Palestinian struggle and aspiration for freedom continues.
It was night time when I gave birth to my son. laying down in a hospital’s bed, I realized that there was another woman laying down in the other bed in the same room. I though to myself; a little chitchat with her will make me forget the pain, untill I could sleep again !!

-Where are you from ? I said
– Bait Fujar !She said smiling
-I am from Kharas And married to a man from Bait Fujjar , I gave birth to a baby boy , His name is Ali , What about you ??
– oh ! really !! congratulations , I gave birth to a baby boy too , and guess what ?! His name is Ali !!

From that day an on, both of our sons remained friends, with all the love and care, we surrounded them, and watched them growing in front of our eyes, day after day, supporting each other , walking the same path .

Today, both are ascended to heaven, fighting the occupiers to get our land back, to get our stolen freedom ……
No dear I assure you, this is not a fairy tale, this a story that is told by one of the two mothers, he mother of Ali Thawabtah may he rest in Peace
This is the one of the million stories that are told every day, that aare happening actually in Palestine.

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