“Greens” on the Fire !

The Carmel Forest near Haifa city blazed in fire for a week  and the unstopped wildfire has resulted in 42 deaths and the burning of over 650 hectares of pine trees. Despite the regional and international firefighting teams and modern equipments but the fire wont stop !!

Everything is politics in this damn “holy” land and the roots of this monstrous fire go deep back in history even earlier than 1930s, before the zionists occupied Haifa and the Carmel Reserve and evacuate  the natives.

Out of the 61,000 Palestinian Arabs who used to call Haifa home, only 3,566 Palestinians were allowed to stay. The remaining population were in constant fear on their lives and properties, and many of them witnessed the looting of their homes and possessions by the Zionists.
In 1901, the Jewish National Fund JNF was established to facilitate the establishment of the zionist state on the rubble of Palestine, and this is precisely what happened during the following 46 years. In the Early 1930s the JNF with the help of the British occupation, started its “ambitious” project of foresting the (Amiri) Governmental land that was taken from the Ottoman empire and they introduced a new kind of trees that is alien to Palestine which is the European oriented pine tree.   In the early 1930s some 1,6 million pine trees were planted in the Palestinian Crmel hills. Pursuant to occupying Palestine and and over the past 60 years, some 240  million pine trees were planted on the Palestinian stolen land.
Since its inception, the JNF has planted over 240 million trees in Israel.
This “ambitious” project of foresting was to cover the demolished villages and to change the topographic and historic features of Palestine to suit the zionist reinvention of history and lie of  “the land without people to the people without land”. Some 61 villages were completely demolished in the Carmel only and to cover the zionist crimes, a huge foresting project was needed to cover the rubble of the devastated native villages. No matter if the trees suit the Palestinian climate or not, the most important is to uproot the original vineyards and olive trees, to omit the original Palestine completely. However, a semi-desert land can’t stand European-style trees and 60% of the trees didnt survive which turned them into a typical fire trap.
“Little-Switzerland” is burning !!
In the Carmel Heights, the zionists built the colony of Little-Switzerland on the rubbles of the Palestinian village of Balad-Elsheikh and millions of “Swiss” pine trees were imported to ommit the massacre of Balad-Elsheikh to be resulted in Little-Switzerland, however, Little-Switzerland is burning now to reveal the rubbles of Palestine…. After the fire, the pine-tree dies and cant grow again, but the Olive trees are deep rooted that no matter how much you burn them, still there are interns to split the soil and come again like the phoenix.
Every summer (unlike the countries of the region) there is a series of wildfires in the occupied Palestine starting from Bir-Sheva in the South up to the Upper Galilee Heights in the north, and all of these are in the invented zionist forsts. Little-Swizerland has been burnt in the current wildfire that no Switerland cant stand the Palestinian middle eastern climate, and likewise, the Middle East will not stand zionist Russian or Etheopean colonizers !!!

In addition, the zionist saboteurs are devastating the Occupied territories in consecutive intentional arson of the Palestinian fields, uprooting the natives’ trees and the rest of the crimes against nature and ecology. The arrogant and criminal behavior of the zionist settlers, even against the native trees, left no hope in peace, as they always wage atrocities of uprooting the field of the natives (as it is repeatedly reported even in the zionist midea). In 2009 only, the zionists damaged, burned and uprooted 14,000 trees.!!! Who is going to believe the zionist “greens” is just a fool or mislead !!!

A Palestinian old woman mourning her olive tree

A Palestinian Myth ( which is a kind of prophesy) says that Palestine will be invaded by the huge army of Yajouj and Majoj  -a kind of the Armageddonists myths (it is also called the same in Hebrew of מלחמת גוג ומגוג)- This army would drink all of the Sea of Galilee (which is Tiberias Lake)…. and it seems that this prophesy has come true:

The “green” zionists, at the time they pretend to be “environment lovers” and as they repeat their lies of “making the desert bloom”, they are actually devastating Palestine and drying the area; The invaders have drained and dried up the Hula lake completely through which tens of rare animals, insects and plants have become instinct. The zionists lied that they would “turn the swamp into a paradise” but they were actually concerned about clearing the border area and probably to invest in the “firtile” land of the lake. Foury years later, the zionist government admited finally that their “ambitious” project was a total failure and desasterious to the ecological balance.

طبريا- فلسطين ancient Tiberias of Palestine is no longer the same

Also the zionists are depleting The Lake of Tiberias (the Sea of Galilee)  gradually as it is more than 5 meters below its regional level and tens of meters back off its shores. To save the loss, the zionists had cut off the River Jordan from feeding the Dead Sea, and accordingly the Dead Sea is dying and dried to shrink rapidly into smaller and smaller area and some 25 meters off its original shores !!!

بحيرة رام_ الجولان المحتل Ram Lake- before the zionist depletion

To quench their thirst for water, the zionists (Yajouj) draw 80% of the Palestinian underground water in the occupied West Bank (against the international law, if there is any international law) … as the zionist settler consumes at least 7 times of water than the native Palestinian !!

In its recent report, the World Bank said Israel and Jewish settlers consume up to 90 percent of the water resource in the West Bank while the Palestinians consume the remaining part.

The per capita share of water in the Jewish settlements ranges between 640 and 1,480 cubic meters annually while the Palestinian per capita does not exceed 156 cubic meters, the report said.

In addition to draining the water of the Golan Heights and depriving the natives from using even the rain water, the “green” zionists have (drank) depleted Lake Ram completely this year.

The zionist devastation is clear !!

Does Yajouj sound like Yehud = jew? The prophesy of drying the region has become true !!

Do you still believe the zionist “greens” ???

By: Sami, the bedouin. 

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